Whitelist Minswap ADA/iUSD LP token

Having iAssets available on DEXs is a key factor to promote Indigo’s integration into the broader ecosystem, allowing other users to obtain and use iAssets without having to manage a CDP.

Users who provide liquidity to DEXs receive LP tokens proving they have deposited iAssets. Indigo rewards users who provide iAsset liquidity by allowing them to stake their LP tokens in the protocol and receive INDY rewards.

I propose we whitelist the Minswap ADA/iUSD LP token to earn rewards within Indigo.

The policy ID for the LP token to whitelist is:


The fingerprint is:



How will it work? Do we have to deposit the LP token in the Indigo dApp? If we do it that way, wont we remove the option to yield farm in the DEX? Would be nice to earn both $INDY & $MIN at the same time.


Sounds good to me! :+1:

Minswap is the most popular Dex right now, so it make sense to try to have a deep liquidity pool there.


Yeah I was thinking this. But he’s talking about Sundaeswap LPs not MinSwap. It’s like an extra step. Maybe he’s thinking about having Indy rewards instead of sundae . I may be missing something.

There is a separate TC for Sundaeswap as well as Wing Riders

Yes, this is well and good. Approval of trading pairs on minswap is a must.


I’m good with this as well.

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I think this is a good move!

I need a point of clarification. Will we be staking lp on Indigo protocol or farming on a minswap triple pool? The value proposition there is noteworthy. If we do it on minswap we will also get min tokens. If we do it on indigo we would get one less revenue stream.

I imagine it will be staking the lps into Indigo. If thats the case my vote will be determined by the rewards structure

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It’ll be via Indigo, but you’ll also be able to earn MIN tokens if it’s approved by the Minswap community

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great idea let’s make the IUSD the biggest on cardano.

Yes! This is a good idea because Minswap is the leading DEX on Cardano.

I need crypto platform.