Which NFT projects will survive?

In the end, only the metaverse-related ones will survive.


On Cardano i think Pavia, BCRC, The Ape Society, Disco Solaris, Secret Goat Society, Rats DAO, Lending Pond(Acronym DAO), Llazy Llamas, Claymates, DeadPXLZ and of course Spacebudz all have the communities, devs, and uniqueness to drive creativity, and evolve into the next iteration of innovation in the space as far as ART Based Projects go.

Then there are OG projects that just like bitcoin will last just based on being first like Berry, and Unsigned_Algos.

But then there are tons of other use cases besides ART like ADA Handle and MELDs Diamond Hands. And a multitude of other use cases like Dids for Atala Prism and NFTs for tracking supply chains or things we haven’t even thought of yet, that will permeate the space even deeper.

We haven’t even finished flushing out artistic use cases either when it comes to music or videos. Those 2 things combined with the still images and Inetelectual Property NFTs like professional software and games will change how the entertainment and content creation industry works. We have to remember this is just the beginning and the tech is still clunky and low capacity. But these initial projects are the seeds of busineses that will boom when they begin to evolve.

So there’s no true way to know which ones will change and grow with the system, but getting here early is going to give them the capital to expand as they do. And all these projects that are teaming up are going to try and pull each other up together hopefully. Like hive minds. They’re already trying to start an NFT alliance, and those that join in will have a better chance of succeeding.

Well that’s my dream at least…


The ones with something more than a nice PFP


Thank you, good to know that I have someone who shares the same idea.


Long term it’s Got to be NFT’s used for staking and earning rewards. The only one I’m in at the minute is AquaFarmers by Liqwid. Not live yet, can’t wait to see how it goes. Standard PFP’s won’t stand the test of time IMO


I agree. For p2e to survive, where is the money coming from?


ADA Idiots, images are already on blockchain forever.


I really like Liqwid Awuafarmers. I am also looking forward to see if Aneta Angels and Genius NFT’s do well.


Book.io will be a leader in NFTs w/utility imo; while most PFP projects will fade away, some are creating something w/a sturdy foundation of community (which can be its own form of utility). I think Disco Solaris is a great example; they’re building a whole world, not to mention its the only project I know of that’s backed ts FT ($DISCO) w/a valuable asset (the 1/1 Charles PFP that was bought for 125K Ada, then locked in a SC to be fractionalized into $DISCO)


Cardania - solid team, collaborations w/ the like of aeoniumsky ETAL [speaks for itself]
Deadpxlz - solid. well, i mean, dev is ‘just’ AF. IYKYK
LoveLaceClub lottery is looking good rn [6% of lotto-pool is fed back to hodlr [1x mask+]. also, their secondary royalty sales [hodl x10+] fed back to hodlrs

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Some art collections will stay in history and have immense value in the future.