Which NFT projects will survive?

New NFT projects are minting everyday on Cardano. The vast majority will fade away . Which projects have the community, utility, and team to " break through", rise above and survive?


Anything that prioritizes functional real world utility will survive the cut. For me personally? I love what Empowa are attempting.


Play to Earn, staking :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Non-art related NFTs will likely dominate in the future. Right now we see mostly art related NFTs because these have the lowest barrier to entry. It’s reasonable to expect the majority of these projects will disappear within the next few years.


Aneta angels from AnetaBTC…i like the idea when you have an angel NFT…it will boost your rewards from delagating your ADA with their Pools…win win solution i think…u get more rewards and the Dev get more liquidity to hire and develop their project


I like Cardolphins and Aneta.
Hodling hopium :grinning:

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Agree largely with what some have already said

If it isn’t one of the “First to do what it does” like Cardano Berry’s and all that stuff I cant see many holding much value.

It’s ALL about utility, in some ways perhaps some of the metaverse utility tokens could be useful. I still think it’s unclear which MV will prosper - I would lean towards Cornucopia currently - even though Pavia team is starting to show signs they might have something about them finally. The door is open for a major studio to run their MV on Cardano Blockchain and those NFT’s/Land parcels might still be worth alot in the future… otherwise Im pretty unconvinced by the JPEG crowd.

We’re still very much still in the infancy of this market and JPEG NFT’s without utility I think will fade away in value eventually


What are your thoughts on nft projects that are trying to cross into the gaming genre?

What are the utilities of berry or say spacebuds? Arent they valuable only because of sentiment or nostalga?

I’m very impressed with lazy llamas. They seem to be constantly looking for ways to engage the community, grow into multiple metaverses, and reward holders.

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I believe in Soho Kids

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I have limited experience with NFTs but what little i do know i think could be improved upon should Indigo release their own at some point ! Perhaps this would be a good topic for the community as i am sure everyone has something to add ! if it were possible to mint NFTs where the rank/rarity was delayed people would hang on to them longer and of course hopefully see the project grow. I think this is better than people just trying to flip them to get a rare one who have no input towards the project !
You could also play around with traits to add value perhaps by doing some kind of lottery for holders of a certain trait ? Another reason for people to hold and stay with Indigo ???


I have a SOHO rainbow teeth.

There are alot good projects with longterm roadmaps and great communities. Cardano Village, Prosperia, and Old Money are just few to start with. The Cardano NFT community is huge and growing everyday. Lots of great people.


I’m a gamer not a collector but I do hold some good CNFT projects, like Cypherkicks. I know a lot of sneakerheads IRL and they are so dedicated to collecting. I think Cypherkicks will get a lot of dedicated buyers over time.

Metaverse is really new to me, but i’m holding some Pavia and will take a look at other as they come up. NFTs will have their season when crypto winter comes, but the use based NFT will likely be the new era.


to the moon just do it

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Liqwid Aquafarmers is looking pretty good! I have a hard time recognizing NFT projects that have a future, but this one is to a no brainier.

Go check it out: Liqwid Aquafarmers NFTs — Mint, Utility and Protocol Owned Liquidity


I like Ape Society and Pavia. I hope World of Cardano turns into something special as they have a great community even with being so new. Hosky with staking NFT’s was a game changer early on and so many projects are doing very new and interesting things as far as rewards and utility.