Poll to vote Fortune as a Governance Moderator Member

Here you can cast your vote for Governance Moderator Proposal - Temperature Check-

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We are going to need some non-team moderators if the governance process is going to stay on track. I endorse this vote.


much appreciated fam and love all that you do for the community


I agree we need checks and balances


@fchimaobi can you provide some detail around your experience as a moderator or any other related experience, ie. defi, governance, community management? thanks!


Would be interested in skills and availability to fill this role too. Not sure that experience as a moderator is key as this would be facilitating the discussions and being an independent voice for the Indigo community.

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Did defi research for youtuber CryptoBuff (hes is mainly cardano based), did community moderator job for foryoverse nft on ETH blockchain, and have spent 2 years so far being all in Cardano and numerous protocols affiliated with them. Outside of Defi I have interests in research linking blockchain technology and how it can be used to solve public health based issues. I am an avid blockchain enthusiast as a whole and am continuing on learning more. As it relates to Indigo I have been a follower since their beginning and have done my best to assist the community with help on all things indigo. Other background has me in my public health masters program, then path towards phd, and I currently work for Apple as a lead senior advisor. I am happy to answer anymore questions and hope I can do more for our community.


Fortune is a great comrade in the community. You have my votes brother


Hey everyone Please vote again. Had an error that erased the votes :confused: