Governance Moderator Proposal - Temperature Check-

Good evening fellow Indy members. I hope all has been enjoying the protocol launch so far. I am eager to continue to see our community and protocol thrive as we continue to increase usage and engagement on the platform. It has been a journey following indigo for over a year plus and I could not be more proud of the team and their ability to build and launch through a bear market. With the platform in its infancy stage it is imperative to have quality community members holding the ship steady and that highlights the importance of governance moderators. From the educational content, infographics, community meetings/spaces, white paper, to yellow paper, to the indigo paper; I’ve tried to immerse myself in process of understanding the goals, tech, and scope of what Indigo offers and aims to offer long term. It has allowed me to help answer questions for new comers and has allowed me to keep my engagement consistent within the community. I want to do more and this governance moderator position is another quality way for me to contribute to Indigo’a success especially since governance is a key pillar of the protocols sustainability. My hope is that the community evaluates my proposal and considers my Temperature Check. As a moderator I pledge to uphold Indigo’s constitution, laws, and applicable procedures.


wtf is a “governance moderator”?

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check the screenshot out!

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Go for it!! Gonna support you.


Fortune would have my vote! He’s been a long time community member and would be a very capable DAO Moderator


It would be interesting see see @fchimaobi create this as a formal Indigo DAO vote. I would likely vote for him.

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I think this could potentially help keep DAO members engaged, especially as time goes on and people have the potential to drift off. I’m curious if there is a formal process for nominations and what incentives are offered.

I wish you all the best

This is the formal process. A potential moderator submits a temp check, then progresses it through the voting procedures for the DAO to decide via vote.

The moderators should request for compensation from the DAO itself. It’s up to the DAO to decide whether to accept or reject.

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Great. Thanks for the information.

I would second that.