Poll for addition of iBNB to the iAsset suite

Here you will cast your vote of Yes/No to launch iBNB (Binance ) on Indigo

Addition of iBNB to the iAssets Suite
  • Yes
  • No

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I would also like to add that from my personal point of view, and as a DAO Member myself, that it is the wrong time to whitelist new iAssets of the digital asset category until we see more liquidity flowing in the Cardano ecosystem as a whole and Indigo. Also, while Indigo Protocol has been built to scale, whitelisting multiple new iAssets all at once, especially right now, would be unwise as opposed to incrementally one at a time. The system only has three currently, as you know, and these iAssets already suffer from a lack of utility aside from staking in SP’s that consequently have high saturation %'s and extremely low liquidity on DEXs. The DAO should consider iAssets that will bring new users and new liquidity to Indigo. There is another Temp Check for iEUR that would be more favorable to support as opposed to iBNB, iMATIC or iXRP.


I understand your concern but iAssets is the essence of Indigo protocol. The liquidity is low because one need to overcollateralized its position for borrowing meaning more for less. This by itself makes it a whale game and less attractive for the average portfolio if looking at reasonable returns. Hence why offering in parallel exposure to non-native assets would interest more people for trading major assets. Ultimately, I proposed as DAO member but will be driven by the poll results

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i think we should delay ibnb for now! maybe in the bullrun we have a look at this

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