Addition of iBNB and iMATIC

Dear Indigo Community,

Indigo Protocol is currently offering the tokenized version of the 3 most traded assets , namely BTC, ETH and USD. In order to bring more exposure to Cardano holders to non-Cardano native assets, the more logical way forward is to start exploring major token projects in a decentralized way. The risk associated with centralized exchanges and increased demand in self-custody of assets combined with the risk associated with bridges / cross-chain bridges makes clear that having access to non-Cardano asset on the Cardano network is essential to keep the security and decentralization of the network on top of enjoying the crypto market as one would do on a regular centralized exchange. On top, this would allows Indigo to bring awareness and diversify its portfolio. Therefore, I would like to propose the addition of iBNB and iMATIC as a first step and I am looking forward for your valuable comment, no matter the direction they will go.

Thanks in advance for your feedback


I would love to see both of these added as iAssets. More iAssets listed helps the protocol in multiple ways. We may have to discuss and vote on these assets separately but I’m not positive on that.

One thing I would like discuss is if we have enough protocol engagement to support these currently, because of course we need people to CDP these iAssets, SP and Dex LP these as well. Liquidity is an ongoing issue especially with new listings. As our TVL grows this becomes less of an issue.

Other than that I’m game. If we have to choose one to start with I would likely vote for BNB first.


Agree that initial liquidity may be an issue but if the protocol intends to tokenize assets it will be the same for other assets hence why I picked what, to me, seems those that could bring more volume


Since the addition to IGold/Silver seems to be not feasible in the short term this looks like a great plan B to me, and from the shown interest from Binance for other CNTs (Djed yesterday) expose Indigo to the BNB ecosystem it is something we should do!

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I like it more assets should bring more volume and allow users to diversify while keeping value on Cardano Lets go!

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