Let's Propose Some thing For the the project growth

Hi @everyone

I see a lot of buzz in the community after talking about the airdrop. I like your responses in the forms as well are about the Airdrop. I has seen many people telling their perspective about the airdrop as well and many of the ideas are acknowledged by the team and told that they will consider those ideas as well.

How about from now can we start discussing about the project and how can we develop this project in the long run and making new proposals?

I have seen a great proposal about the project in the reply such in FAQs and General Topic.
About the proposal cost and rewarding the good proposal and many about airdrop as well. I asking you people to come and propose your ideas in the Proposal Section and Lets develop this Project as community and enjoy the fruits of Protocol while we developing.

Advance Thanks and Congratulations to everyone who are about to propose an idea for our development and the Protocol as a whole.


I’m happy to contribute! I’m particularly interested in how governance will work.


I’m coming from a “relative newbie” perspective and thinking what helped me in my initial journey into crypto when I first crawled down the rabbit hole.


  • A lot of the protocols I now participate in I stumbled upon mostly via Twitter and through Youtube influencers. The latter was quite helpful as I splurged in anything crypto when I started. This is where I started to understand the differences between blockchains, what Defi - NFTs - Metaverses are, what wallets to use, where to find the value of assets, which Discord links to join etc. It may help Indigo increase its userbase by (perhaps) tying up with known influencers? I know some may require some form of payment but there may be some that would be happy to participate for free. And then perhaps Indigo can consider paying them with the governance token? I have learned about Minswap, AADA Finance and Sundaeswap through this mechanism. And from experience these influencers I stumbled upon weren’t necessarily the bigger ones (like Bitboy, Coin Bureau etc)
  • Another marketing mechanism maybe how NFT groups hype themselves up on Twitter: Meme competitions, Twitter raids, Emoji design contests - And perhaps tie in the rewards for these activities against potential $Indy token bonuses? Participants in the drive can have an opportunity to up their possible airdrops and the activity can potentially reel in more users
  • One other activity I found really interesting was how anetaBTC essentially got their community members to read through and really digest the project’s whitepaper by running an Infographic competition. The process itself of creating one involved some artistic base but also an inherent understanding of how the protocol works as this is basically the core of the infographic being created. So as people participated, they are made to engage with the educational content and really understand what Indigo is all about


  • I am not necessarily an expert in how DeFi works. But I know enough as far as the fundamentals of it, and how an individual can leverage the value of the crypto they hold to earn more value through yield farming, staking, and arbitrage. And I learned these specifically by searching for videos that explain these as plainly as possible to a newbie. For anybody wanting to learn more, or just starting out, instructional videos can help a ton. I know there are already some videos out there created by Defi-Dan I believe but below are some informational categories that I think Indigo still needs:
  1. Whiteboard type animated vids explaining how to invest any sort of asset and convert it into a synthetic asset and how once can earn from it
  2. Since synthetics follow the actual movement of real world assets, perhaps an animated video that provides an introduction on common stock strategies but using an Indigo synthetic asset as an example
  3. Provide resources and useful links to Youtube channels that investors can use to enhance their trading strategies as these would invariably be extremely important as they trade using their synthetic assets
  • As soon as these content starts stacking up, we can then tie them up to the activities I mentioned above
    and run an info dissemination campaign where the vids are posted by community members across all possible social media channels further exposing what the protocol is all about

How can we develop this project in the long run?
That question resonated with me and got me thinking.
My suggestion would be to look at other projects, maybe project similar to Indigo Protocol (ofcourse there’s nothing like INDY :wink:) and see what they did right or did wrong.
There’s tons to be learned from others on how they developed and promoted the project.
That’s my 2 cents for now :v:t3:


The Sundaeswap and Cardstarter debacle show that before doing any partnerships and marketing a lawyer and marketing consultant with the relevant expertise should be a part of the team.


That partnership fiasco was certainly an eye opener. I’m sure Indigo project heads are aware and this was on their radar. On the bright side, these kinds of occurrences raise other project’s awareness and steer clear of issues prior to launch.

A new channel was started in Discord (Metaverse) and that really got me intrigued. Its also powered by the community’s graphic artist Kcfox. I’d say inputs in that channel can help generate more ideas to boost that segment, as part of the overarching goal of building the protocol further.


I think a possible key to success is cross-chain movement. Cardano is a great place to begin the journey but it’s wise to remember their are other realms out there, with other people who would be interested in the protocol, yet, may have become comfortable with sticking with what they know or what is currently available to them. So linking to projects like cNETA and minswap are a great place to start as they both are attempting to create links with multiple Block chains. I like the way meld is spending no time by trying to get out there by signing up early to multiple cex’s. This strategy may work or it may not. But fortune favours the bold. I’m not suggesting that this is a move that indigo should make. I just think it’s important for future growth not to keep blinked to just cardano. If you have a good protocol you need to shout it out far and wide for people to know it’s there and it’s brilliant.


Agreed. I believe the Minswap partnership has been announced along with Liqwid’s so these tie-ups should boost our exposure to newer users from their respective communities and hopefully they start joining here and we can assist in educating them what Indigo is all about.


Yes patnerships help to increase the project commmunity and the scope of the project in the long run


This is a great take.
Focusing on a bit of marketing will certainly get the ball rolling.
But I think the focus should definitely be on creating those Infographs and videos for new people that will be informative but easily digestible. People will be more likely to share and create that snowball effect of growth. Getting community inspired and involved for some of this will be fantastic for growth this year.

Synthetic assets really speak for themselves once people understand it and how it can mean great exposure to other markets which means more growth potential for participants funds and all around legitimacy for DeFi.

But the focus shouldn’t be too set on marketing/hype, so long as people understand the need for synthetics, then community members who’ve been keeping their eyes on the various Cardano projects emerging are bound to talk about it throughout Cardano based forums.

If the project is built solid, which I have no doubt it will be, and the team puts out a product that roots itself amongst all the projects/dapps that will eventually come, indigo will be one of the obvious tokens people will want to hold for the coming years.

I’m excited to hear more about initial synthetics planned for release as well as how those choices will be affected by talking with various professionals that will guide the team to make sure nothing ticks off the SEC and how long it will take before decentralization can take hold so governance and the real fun can begin.
Other than that I’m hoping that distribution is done well.

That’s always one of the hardest parts for projects, ensuring a fair distribution could be considered a part of marketing.
It’s definitely one of the subjects that tends to create buzz and opinions.

You have some great insights though.
Thanks for your post


I completely agree with you regarding making easily, digestible information available. This goes a long way into instilling trust. Personally I first believed in Cardano when I first saw an explanation on YouTube presented by a Cardano ambassador about Hydra.

By the way the team do have some videos available, I’m still going to watch them this weekend.

As for the SEC, the Indigo team is doing everything to ensure the foundation of the protocol is rock solid. I believe while they are confident that there shouldn’t be any issues because synthetics assets already exist in the traditional market they’re taking legal advice.


Fair to be beginning with these …


As long as the team are not shilling Youtuber’s for primetime slots, this usually never ends well.
I’d rather see organic growth, and personally if you’re here this early, you likely are here for the long run - consider yourself engaged! :grinning:


I am really interested in their ambassador program & their focus on Education. Thats where I think I can be of use for the protocol/community


feel so sorry for all early cardstarter supporters.


They got screwed big time. Really surprised it didnt make more drama on reddit, or twitter… kinda went under the sheets.


Charles nailed it! Can’t overlook the sound business practice aspects of the industry as it develops. One of the worst things for a new project is a lawsuit. Financial risk and more importantly reputation!


I am impressed how people are giving excellent ideas and would like to see the deployment of those that the community find better, we are waiting.


They should partner with the youtuber https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteboardCrypto
He would be perfect for education style videos


They are doing really good job in Whitebord crypto