Indigo PoCoP - Proof-of-Commitment-Protocol


Indigo PoCoP – Proof-of-Commitment-Protocol
Based on an original idea by

To promote Indigo Protocol, the POG team presents a reward mechanism for content creators,
whether from X, Youtube or even free content on your own websites.

1 Mechanism overview

The principle would be to allocate a certain sum each month, dedicated to the creators of content, be it tweets, videos or educational content.
Content creators log on to the Indigo PoCoP portal and submit their content.
Moderators check that the content is not spam or duplicate, and that it meets minimum quality requirements.
At the end of each month, content creators will have access via the indigo interface to additional rewards for participating in the democratization of the protocol.
To encourage perseverance, a notion of karma will enable content creators to accumulate more rewards month after month.

2 Budget & reward distribution

The monthly budget would initially be 2000 INDY/month.
The rewards would be distributed as follows:
40% for youtube
20% for twitter
20 % free content
10 % undifferentiated for all categories
10% for moderators

3 Mechanism details

A new website would bridge the gap between X & youtube accounts, and let users connect a wallet to retrieve the information needed to remunerate content creators.
Via this PoCoP portal, each user will be able to post the content they have created, alerting the community to the work they have done, and allowing moderation to take over.
Moderators will be able to consult the various “proofs of work” of each creator, and rate them from 0 to 4.
0 - invalid content (spam, useless, cheating, etc.)
1 - content with low added value, requiring little work.
2 - content with medium added value, requiring moderate work.
3 - content with high added value, requiring a lot of work on the part of the creator.
On this basis, each creator obtains a sum of scores that will be used to define the proportion of income to which he or she is entitled.

For the notion of karma, let’s consider the 3 categories Youtube, X and free. Each user gets a percentage bonus equivalent to their best rating in each category. In this way, the best possible bonus is 9% for a user who has created 3 high-quality pieces of content in the 3 categories.
This percentage accumulates month after month.

4 Limitations & evolutions

To avoid creating accounts for the sole purpose of collecting rewards, each Twitter account must have a minimum of 100 followers while other platforms require 50 subscribers.
Moderators may at any time reset the karma of a user who is observed to be profiteering or cheating.
There may be a delay, after each month, when reward calculations will be made public before they are distributed, so that the community can double-check the moderators’ work.
This concept is a test: depending on the community’s reaction, it may not last, or it may be improved to better serve the DAO’s interests.

This project aims to make indigo shine by rewarding active community members.
All opinions, suggestions and feedback are welcome.


The proposal is interesting and is very similar to work I did for a master’s in Blockchain. I can suggest expanding access to holders of a certain amount of Indy( al least 100 Indy) to broaden participation and include external individuals who want to contribute with personal research work, such experts in the Blockchain sector, or people with specific knowledge who don’t have social networks! Thanks for your work I really like the idea


I am new to defi, and it is difficult to understand the financial knowledge and proper nouns involved. . I hope the creator’s tutorials are as easy to understand as possible


*Edit: This whole think reeks of nepotism. PoG members already getting paid, asking for more indy, so they can moderator their own content and reward each other with even more indy. Am I missing something here?

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I realize that the POG group is tasked to promote information about the group. I don’t see this additional INDY as being necessary to take on the tasks at hand. The POG is already receiving a stipend of 250 INDY per month. Just as a reference the PWG receives 0 INDY per month currently and I could argue that there responsibilities are at least as valuable if not more valuable.

I would like to see some work produced and shown on social media channels before something like this is considered, how about a few educational videos or something. I apologize if you already have made these items point me in the right direction.


Looks like you missed something. We haven’t yet determined who the moderators will be. The goal is to share the idea that was born on how to help the protocol become known while involving the community (content creators, degens, enthusiasts etc…).

You are just as deserving as anyone to participate, either as a moderator or as a content creator, in this initiative.

We’re still in a discussion mode and you’re raising valid arguments. I personally agree that it’s not necessary for the POG to be the moderators, and I encourage people who want to take part in moderation to come forward.

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@RedXIII It’s an interesting idea. The aim of PoCoP is to promote Indigo, if there is abuse, I suppose one way would be to add a condition to hold INDYs. If there’s no abuse, maybe that limit isn’t necessary; I don’t know. Thanks for your encouragement.

@luna We also want the platform to be as ergonomic as possible. There will probably be tutorials, documentation, and we’ll be able to answer questions via discord if the project sees the light of day. Don’t hesitate.

@DrOctaFunk & @gcarrharris
I agree with you on some points. If POG members are moderators, maybe they shouldn’t get those rewards. That said, the PoCoP design doesn’t call for POG members to be moderators; indeed, some of us don’t seem interested.
This moderation work should be remunerated, as it’s probably time-consuming depending on participation.
The PoCoP moderator’s job should not be confused with that of the POG, and it’s important to have safeguards for this kind of problem.
My (admittedly prototypical) idea was that everything should be transparent, so as to limit abuse and be able to observe if some people are cheating, in order to adjust fire.
As for the work provided by the POG for the moment, the group is less than a month old, and V2 hasn’t been released, so it’s difficult to raise awareness during this transition, but rest assured that work is in the pipeline!
I don’t have an opinion on whether some work should be voluntary or paid, but it’s strange that the PWG isn’t compensated, so perhaps it would be a good idea to make a proposal to that effect? Would this enable you to be more efficient? That’s another subject, but it’s worth discussing if you think so.
If you don’t think decentralized marketing is a good idea, please let us know. If you have any ideas for restrictions that might limit cheaters, I’m all ears.


What happens if only a handful of people submit to this portal. Are they slurping up the whole 2000 indy? Is it rolling over? Is the treasury paying out just enough to top it off to 2000 indy every month?

The PoG should have nothing more than an Admin role in this proposal. Overseeing and making sure everything runs smoothly. They should not be allowed to be moderators or even be allowed to submit materials since they are already receiving compensation for said materials.


About the budget if there’s little participation, that’s an excellent question. We’ve discussed it internally, and we assume ( if I may speak for the group ); that if there are few participants ( who therefore get a big reward for little work ) it will encourage the next participants the month after.
But this is still an open question, and it’s very difficult to project.

I agree that it would be preferable not to be able to be a POG member & PoCoP moderator at the same time. I imagined that this might be possible just to oil the system; because we don’t have any moderators in mind yet, and the discussion isn’t at that stage.

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This proposal is on the right track for Indigo brand awareness and has a lot of promise! My personal opinion would be to suggest a lesser starting point figure, such as 1k INDY/mo, to see how the ramp goes with content creators and scale from there if appropriate. In addition to that, the POG themselves should not qualify for the additional compensation given that POG is already receiving a monthly stipend. These are my personal opinions and not that of Labs fwiw.


Yes, it seems balanced to me too, I don’t really have an opinion on the budget but there had to be an amount to discuss something…
I’m still trying to gather opinions to make a proposal that corresponds to the various feedbacks, please continue to bring water to the mill. :slight_smile:

I have some considerations about what is considered added value:

  1. It would be better for the community to vote for which contents should receive something and how much. Give it options like 0, 25, 50, 100 Indy for example. There is not reason to receive rewards at the moment the content was posted, so we could reward based on a “top 10 rank” of the best contents made by the community and voted by the community for every end of month. We can set limitations for the date of the content too.

  2. Instead of % it’s better to have numbers for possible rewards.

About the total Indy, maybe it’s better to start with a lower amount and increase it with time over the epochs. This give time for the content creators to find out about these rewards and initial problems won’t have such a bit impact.

For the content paid with the content rewards, it should have a logo with something like “Sponsored by Indigo” to help to share the content reward mechanism to other creators unaware of it.


I like the idea that it’s the community that decides whether content is interesting or not. It would eliminate the need for a moderator? We’re back to the eternal dilemma, one wallet = one vote; or in proportion to INDY held? Both can lead to abuse…

Having a monthly budget and a %age gives you visibility over your budget. What would we do if too much content was voted as deserving 100 INDY and that “put a hole” in our budget?.. Or only the X best contents of the month are rewarded ?

Thanks for the feedback in any case, I’m trying to get the ball rolling again to explore possibilities that haven’t yet been considered.

I like the idea that it’s the community that decides whether content is interesting or not. It would eliminate the need for a moderator? We’re back to the eternal dilemma, one wallet = one vote; or in proportion to INDY held? Both can lead to abuse…

I’m not suggesting to eliminate the need for a moderator. We still need a filter for everything accepted as a valid content. “Moderators check that the content is not spam or duplicate, and that it meets minimum quality requirements.”

The idea is to engage the community to vote and be a part of it!

However, I agree it’s easier to start simpler. This could be a possible improvement to the mechanism for a future proposal.

Let me give you a pratical example. Community voted for 3 contents resulting in the following rank:

  1. Content X
  2. Content Y
  3. Content Z

Rank 1 receives 100 Indy, Rank 2 receives 50 Indy, Rank 3 receives 50 Indy. You can distribuite the amount between the ranks to use your budget.

For qualified votes, the POG could choose active community members to participate. And also include the current members from Indigo Labs, PWG, TWG, POG, etc. This gives you a possibility to share and advertise this event throught the community in X, Youtube, etc. You could do these votes in the Indigo Discord and only give interaction permissions for the “Content Voter” role.

At the end the POG would be the ones administrating this events.


Can you give more information about this? What is free content paid with Indy (it’s confusing) and why 10% for everything if you can split it between the other categories?

For the first question, I called “free content” what is posted outside of supported platforms (like “small blogs” that produce qualitative content could be accepted, for example).

About the second one, in my mind, the goal was to smooth out the rewards a bit; 10% of the monthly budget would be distributed to each category. This would help prevent the current distribution from being too compartmentalized.
Upon reflection, it may be unnecessary (or at least equivalent to adding 3.33% for each category if there are 3).
If it doesn’t make much sense right now, perhaps it would make more sense if we decide to expand to other social networks, for example… But indeed, at that point, we could rearrange the distribution.

I am looking for a way to reward (lightly) the participants across all categories to encourage them to post more the next month, a bit like a consolation prize.

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A strategic reward system is important to achieve your engagement goals. Maybe you could share a bit more of the strategies you are thinking about. And others members from the Indigo community could help you with new ideas too if you ask in the discord.

Let’s say the rewarding accordingly to the views/minute during x days is a better strategy to use for example.


Just skimming through…

  • Who is setting up this site that everyone would interact with on? It seems like a bit of a lift as well as a point of friction between the community content creators that would be submitting.
  • I don’t think there should be a flat amount per month. This has the same problems that small LP pools have. There are lots of rewards for the “first” to enter and then it becomes less enticing as more people join. You should just do a flat rating on each content piece (more than 5 levels, maybe out of 100) and pay out based on the rating.
  • I think the POG should be disqualified from receiving awards for content as well as moderating. The 250 INDY/mo each are receiving as their stipend should cover their time on this.
  • There is a problem with finding unbiased moderators. They can easily vote on their favorite social media friends (or themselves if you plan on allowing them to submit). Having the community vote is a hard ask because no one will really care to vote probably then if they aren’t getting paid and if they do it becomes more of a popularity contest then based on the content value and effort. Even then, how do you account for bots skewing votes etc?

Maybe start small. Just do a fan content contest or something with a 2k INDY prize pool cap (not all guaranteed to be distributed depending on the quality and number of submissions). See how that goes, work out the kinks, and if it does well then go for another round. There’s no need to commit 2k INDY / mo on something that might not pan out


I had some similar questions/concerns around these points too.

  • Getting this up and operational is a heavy lift, how is that funded.
  • I think 2k/month should be the budget, otherwise any adjustment will require an additional vote and will become tedious. That said, I don’t see why the entire 2k needs to be distributed monthly. Any left over can stay in the POG wallet and potentially be used for specific content that the community wants which may be best managed in house using a 3rd party editor, or some type of bonus to creators who create specific content as requested by the POG. There’s many ways the funds can be used strategically and respectfully.
  • I partly agree with the disqualification of POG members. Personally I hold no expectation to be paid from it, however POG members who spend significant amounts of time creating custom animations/educational tutorials, in my opinion should have the option to submit particular criteria and be eligible. For example, say a POG member creates 2x high quality animated educational videos that take 20+ hours, whilst juggling their personal life/employment etc - I would assume that would be too much of a buzz kill to bother creating it.
  • Finding unbiased moderators is tricky, which is why building multiple qualification requirements into the approval/distribution process to stop people gaming the system/encourage fairness. Unfortunately I think moderation is still required.
  • It is tricky to find the correct qualification and distribution model, we are still trying to figure that out. My idea was to agree on an MVP, get it out, and review after 3 months, maybe 1 month is better to start. I don’t think we will ever find the perfect solution, but we need a starting point.

This is a good idea and maybe a “hybrid” version of the POGs vision here, I would be on board with seeing who shows up here and then we can see what’s available out there and who steps up

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