Creating of iEUR

I wanted to check if there are people who are open to the idea of creating an iEUR, because i think there are many european in the crypto world. I thought maby its is convenient if there can trade in there native
currency and EUR is one of the biggest currencies on this planet after the USD.


Yes, definitely am interested in this idea. I’d love to see iEUR


I agree with your suggestion iEUR seems like a reasonable step forward.


iEUR would be a great iAsset.
It would not only be a good alternative to iUSD for european users, but also an intresting approach towards a forex market on Cardano. If I remember correctly forex is one of the biggest financial market thus having derivatives of mutiple currencys could attract new users which would be good for the entire ecosystem.


Yes I think it’s completely necessary for several reasons. :+1:t2:


It does make sense to have iEUR if there is iUSD and in that line of thoughts iYuan; iRUB and so on. At some point there will be EUR theter as well as Yuan theter ect. In fact I believe that at some point in the future those will connect everything into one global markets where crypto will buy/sell just as FIAT does now only in a lot more stable manner.


Agree that this would be good to have and make widely available. It could set up some interesting iEUR/iUSD trade strategies that follow typical currency exchanges. That could lead to wider adoption by those interested in crypto, but aren’t willing/interested in applying those strategies to coins or tokens. Naturally, the question goes to what else gets added in this category and should there be a cutoff so the community can focus on the iAssets that will bring the most value and exposure to the protocol.


Well what follows is the other,opposing half of the FIAT world such as iRUB, iYuan and iBrics :slight_smile: those will provide very wide specter of strategies.


It would be nice to have iEUR. It is the second international fiat currency. iEUR please


Agreed. Just need a step at a time. What would your vote be for the asset to be added after iEUR? Or maybe there should be a framework under which the community can track and weigh metrics to inform what assets to add in what order? (currency trading volume, volatility index etc.)


I would support the creation of an opposite fiat like iRUB and iYan and so on…also well established crypto currencies. Nevertheless the protocol will become stronger with variety

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iEUR would potentially be interesting.

Do we think Cardano has enough wallet holders willing to put liquidity into more synthetics right now, though? I am doubtful of this at the moment.


most are simply paralyzed by fear all but those of us who understand the historic significance of INDIGO, sooner or later every Cardanian will be involved

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I think this will be a useful synth to have.

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It will become fist EUR stablecoin on Cardano. Definitely must have. I would actually prefer it personally over iUSD.


The euro is the second fiat currency in the world

Is Indigo Labs ready and/or capable to make this a reality?

Are there any limitations holding us back?

An oracle hasn’t been identified yet that’s able to provide this data onto Cardano


Great idea! Especially with the new EU crypto regulations coming next year. USD stablecoins might get regulated a lot stricter so would be nice to have an alternative stablecoin to use.

Great opportunity for INDY.