Creating of iEUR

I wanted to check if there are people who are open to the idea of creating an iEUR, because i think there are many european in the crypto world. I thought maby its is convenient if there can trade in there native
currency and EUR is one of the biggest currencies on this planet after the USD.


Yes, definitely am interested in this idea. I’d love to see iEUR


I agree with your suggestion iEUR seems like a reasonable step forward.

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iEUR would be a great iAsset.
It would not only be a good alternative to iUSD for european users, but also an intresting approach towards a forex market on Cardano. If I remember correctly forex is one of the biggest financial market thus having derivatives of mutiple currencys could attract new users which would be good for the entire ecosystem.


Yes I think it’s completely necessary for several reasons. :+1:t2:

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