Add iEUR to the iAsset suite

I have noticed that the discussion on the creation of iEUR on the Indigo Protocol forum has received significant positive feedback. However, I am uncertain why it has not yet progressed to a poll for voting.

Considering the favorable stance that European countries have taken towards cryptocurrencies, and the fact that a substantial portion of traders are based in these countries, I believe that iEUR would be an excellent addition to the DAO’s portfolio of assets.

Should we add iEUR to the iAsset suite?

  • Yes
  • No

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This could be finally a smart move given that US try to make crypto more stringent whilst EU and EMEA have more friendly regulation. Long term, this could boost Indigo if those area grasp US market share. Good proposal


Are we gonna move this to an onchain vote now?

Are we going to vote on this or not?

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We do not have a oracle feed for it yet. Once we have better oracle solutions we should be able to start adding new Iassets.


Why not use Charli3 oracle for price feed ???

I think we should definately have iEUR in place with liquidity incentives on dexes for when the new EU MICA bill comes into effect.


Much agree with you mate. Let’s vote it !


iEUR is now up and running on preprod in native indigo datum format.l, ready for integration.