Wrapped assets on indigo

Would we consider changing iassets with wrapped assets?
Seems like it would create a more of a tangible aspect to the protocol because your dealing with the real digital commodity.
It would also provide a path toward the ability to open a CDP in wrapped bitcoin, or wrapped eth or even a real estate property one day.

The stability pools would need to be actual bitcoin or wrapped bitcoin. This would open the door to an already established bitcoin community. a great onboarding tool for bitcoin to cardano migration and to indigo.

The CDP has characteristics built in them already. For example if you open a cdp then you are long the collateral position and hoping for a short on the debt position. using wrapped bitcoin instead of synthetic would take on a new meaning because now the cdps, liquidity pools and stability pools could effect the true price of the real digital commodity due to nature of the protocol which can create short pressure. The digital commodity’s price can also be influenced by the health of the collateral ratios and chance of liquidation.
Of course the amount of cdps that would need to be connected to bitcoin to actually change the price would not be much concern in todays environment. And you theoretically can swap an iasset to Cardano and then to Bitcoin and get more or less the same amount of bitcoin in the end. But dealing with the real thing seems appealing though it could invite some regulatory risks or other negative side effects.
Interested to hear our thoughts as Im sure this is not the first time someone has brought this up