Whitelist MuesliSwap ADA/iUSD LP tokens

Having iAssets available on DEXs is a key factor to promote Indigo’s integration into the broader ecosystem, allowing other users to obtain and use iAssets without having to manage a CDP.

Users who provide liquidity to DEXs receive LP tokens proving they have deposited iAssets. Indigo rewards users who provide iAsset liquidity by allowing them to stake their LP tokens in the protocol and receive INDY rewards.

I propose we whitelist the MuesliSwap ADA/iUSD LP token to earn rewards within Indigo.

The subject for the LP token to whitelist is:


Cardano’s first dex…the one that no one talks about anymore. I have to admit I haven’t used them since last March or so. I know they recently have integrated liquidity pools into their orderbook system. Looking over the pools they do not have much liquidity in them, iUSD right now has 13,000 ADA value locked, iBTC is 625 ADA value, which is completely useless for a trader of any size. I admit I’m a little hesitant to spend INDY to incentive a 4th dex…3 already seems like we might be stretching a bit thin.

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I disagree. We are a happy community and lots of Cardano users use Muesliswap’s DEX aggregator as the main interface to interact with all the 4 main DEX’es on Cardano to always get the best price. Yes Minswap got tons of Liqudity and most orders will likely routed to them, but not always.
Muesliswap also provides some unique features in addition which others don’t and is a strong inventor and first mover in the Cardano DeFi space. Leaving them out seems like giving others an unfair advantage and just making the liquidity issue bigger.
Not to mention the lowest batcher fee by far (2x) compared to the other DEXes, which is certainly very favorable for smaller iUSD or iBTC trades.
I hope to see you back on Muesliswap to checkout the DEX Aggregator and the low fee trading possibilities.


Seeing as how I hold 50,000+ MIN, my batching fee expense is only 1.5 ADA, and I don’t have to pay the aggregator fee that Muesli charges.

It’s a slick service, I check it occasionally, but I’ve not needed to place a trade with it.

Fair point with the Minswap discount, but 0.95ada is still less than 1.5 ADA :smiley:

Let me also point out that Muesliswap had the 4th highest Engangement in the last week amongst the top cardano project according to CardanoDaily:


Muesli is a dex aggregator and searches the other dexes to find the best price. Lets do it.


THIS I DEMAND !!! (Insert Serpentor GIF)


My friend, MuesliSwap aggregator is free of charge and there’s no aggregator fees.
Here are a few reasons why I only use MuesliSwap, and so do a lot of Cardano community members I have talked to

  • by trading on MuesliSwap, by default, their algorithm selects the cheapest and best offer for you on 4 Cardano DEXes FOR FREE, so your trade is done on their frontend but is executed on one of the other 3 DEXes BY DEFAULT if they are cheaper
  • On MuesliSwap you can see all buy and sell orders and all previous trades (click on expert mode to see advanced features)
  • They offer the most advanced charts with chart analysis features that no other DEX has
  • They offer a hybrid model with both AMM and order book
  • They are both on Cardano mainnet and Milkomeda
    adding to that
  • they are the first DEX on Cardano
  • they are self-funded and have been improving and building since inception
  • they have in the pipe concentrated liquidity pools
  • they have in the pipe lending aggregator
  • they are always in the top highest engagement communities

It is true, however, they don’t do much to market their product and show how unique they are, and they don’t hype any of their achievement, but they work silently and then release new features that no other DEX has when they are ready.

My guess is that they are working on building the most perfect and complete DEX before they start their marketing machine to advertise it. Those following the projects closely know they are working on a one-stop-shop for everything Cardano DeFi

So YES, MuesliSwap deserves to be added :slight_smile:


Muesliswap he is the first one I go to :fire:
The best DEX on cardano :fire:
The only one that have aggregator🔥
The lowest fees🔥


Glad to see others participating in the governance process. Thank you for posting this!


Definitely Muesliswap! They will also be the first dex to introduce concentrated liquidity soon. Serious Cardano builder chads.


Definetely! They are the pioneers of Cardano DeFi, and they continue to innovate very often!

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In favor! it will help distributing liquidity and increasing resistance to depeging events, etc

I agree we should include more than a couple dexes for both liquidity and arbitrage

I like MuesliSwap and will vote for it to be whitelisted.

Is the aggregator really free though? What is the frontend fee that is showing here?

I mainly use it to check where I can get the best price coz of the frontend fee. It accumulates real fast esp if you are trading with just small amounts. Would love for Genius Yield DEX to come out soon as they claim they do not have a batching fee.

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I’m a fan of MuesliSwap

Remove SundaeSwap and add them to the poll, or just ADD THEM!

If you didn’t notice, the poll for this thread was opened: Poll to whitelist ADA/iUSD MuesliSwap LP Token

thanks for sharing. Just saw the announcement in the DISCORD

thanks again

To be fair Muesliswap is delivering ever since – without all the noise. And majority agrees with it so it’s a yes.

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You are right, I haven’t noticed they added frontend fees recently for orders over 100 ADA. I will continue to use their aggregator and pay an extra fee to support a self-funded team that has never stopped delivering during this bear market.

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