Whitelist Minswap Dex iUSD/Djed LP Token

With the current lack of trust in the banking industry white listing the Minswap Dex iUSD/Djed LP token will provide a way for both Indigo iUSD and Djed holders the ability to increase adoption and gain additional rewards in the process.

Currently there are no iUSD/Djed farming options on Minswap Dex. This means the decision to keep your LP tokens on Minswap or stake on Indigo is a perfect opportunity to increase adoption of the Indigo protocol.

This would also help everyone understand that iUSD and Djed can, and should be used together when possible.

The policy ID for the LP token to whitelist is:

The fingerprint is:


Hey, so is this proposal for Minswap DEX? Not sure I understand what is needed here from Indigo…