Whitelist Minswap ADA/iETH LP token

Having iAssets available on DEXs is a key factor to promote Indigo’s integration into the broader ecosystem, allowing other users to obtain and use iAssets without having to manage a CDP.

Users who provide liquidity to DEXs receive LP tokens proving they have deposited iAssets. Indigo rewards users who provide iAsset liquidity by allowing them to stake their LP tokens in the protocol and receive INDY rewards.

I propose we whitelist the Minswap ADA/iETH LP token to earn rewards within Indigo.

The policy ID for the LP token to whitelist is:


The fingerprint is:



We need this! I am in favor of this and will vote for it to pass


I’m all for it. The more iAsset options on the marketplace the better.


100% agree need this asap to promote liquidity and capital efficiency.

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Thanks for putting this together. I would certainly vote yes for this. Gives more exposure to the protocol.

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