Whitelist Minswap ADA/iBTC LP token

Having iAssets available on DEXs is a key factor to promote Indigo’s integration into the broader ecosystem, allowing other users to obtain and use iAssets without having to manage a CDP.

Users who provide liquidity to DEXs receive LP tokens proving they have deposited iAssets. Indigo rewards users who provide iAsset liquidity by allowing them to stake their LP tokens in the protocol and receive INDY rewards.

I propose we whitelist the Minswap ADA/iBTC LP token to earn rewards within Indigo.

The policy ID for the LP token to whitelist is:


The fingerprint is:



This is fine. Minswap is top decentralized dex and this token pair should be whitelisted for staking.


I’m good with this as well. Minswap is my go to DEX.


Comes down to the rewards structure. If properly implemented it could be powerful. As we vote in more ¡assets it will become increasingly dilutive to continue this rewards structure. I guess fees could be assessed in indy tokens to claw back some of the supply. This would create a pot for continued distribution to all ¡assets.

With zeal I say CONCUR CONCUR CONCUR !!!

support whitelisting on minswap

Yes! Minswap is the best DEX in my opinion.

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