Which iAssets would you like next?

As you may know from the Q2 Indigo Labs Newsletter we will soon have iEUR in the protocol. And often I see the community talking about the next iAsset, so I created this topic to let everyone discuss and cheer for the next iAnything they have in mind. You can select your top 3 favorites, but feel free to ask to add another one.

You can find available data feeds from Chainlink here.

  • i(Total Marketcap)
  • i(NFT Blue Chip Total Market Cap)
  • iLINK
  • iERG
  • iATOM
  • iDOT
  • iMATIC
  • iAVAX
  • iBNB
  • iDOGE
  • iXRP
  • iXAU (gold)
  • iXAG (silver)
  • Another Forex Pair (iBRL, iCHF, iCAD, iAUD, iCNY, etc)
  • Some kind of iAsset basket

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Let’s focus on integrating iAssets that may onboard community members from their respective blockchains or communities. This way, indigo would effectively harbor more positive exposure to other areas in crypto.