Where developers can contribute?

The question is simple, in which ways a devoloper can contribute to Indigo Protocol? Not only about Indigo itself, could be contributions that directly affects Indigo Protocol like other projects that Indigo rely on to work properly or maybe to have a new feature.

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Hello @Nyorok ,

This is a great question! To be frank, right now there isn’t too much you can do to really “contribute.” However, we have plans to change this in the near/medium/long term, and I’ll be sure to share some of our thoughts.

First of all, let’s answer the question: what can you do now? Right now we have published the source code, however made no contribution guidelines, opened any public issues, or even shared adjacent documentation. At this point the public can essentially review the code and participate in the bug bounty program that’s outlined in the smart contract README.

In the future the Labs wants to help facilitate the incorporation of a Technical Working Group, similar to the Product Working Group, that can help Indigo Protocol become a truly “open-source” protocol. We will publish more details about this in the near future, but in our opinion this will be the real first step towards contributing.

In the more medium/long term we plan on creating a truly open-source ecosystem, with the help of one our advisors Johnny Nguyen, the Director of the DCF for IOG. With his help we hope that we can be truly “open source.” Providing public issues, managing PRs from the public, and allowing more contributions.

Hope this helps provide some thoughts into the direction we plan on going. We are very excited for the future of the Indigo Protocol and being open source.