What do you all think of dReps for Project Catalyst?

When I voted in fund 7, it struck me that the sheer number of proposals would be a barrier for most people to participate, and that number will only grow exponentially from there. On one hand, dReps will certainly allow for more people to participate in governance which will be an essential component of Voltaire. On the other hand, I worry about the motives of the dReps and how corruptible they may be. How will we know that the reps will be voting in our best interest and in a way that will benefit the most number of participants?


For those who want a more in depth read on dREPS. Introducing the Concept of Delegate Representatives (dReps) - IOHK Blog


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Definitely a new Fronteir for Cardano Governance. Army of Spies just covered it for anyone looking for a thorough summary: Cardano (ADA), the Republic | Cardano Rumor Rundown #335 - YouTube


I could not agree more. The integrity of dReps must be transparent and in the interest of the overall health of the Cardano blockchain, and not used as a vehicle to benefit the individual or their ‘pet’ project.


It is quite concerning TBH

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Representative democracies have their issues. ,🫤

those that can be corrupted will eventually be corrupted unfortunately.