Using Expired Indy Rewards

Should we move $indy rewards that have gone unclaimed and expired to the Minswap Farm to supplement the APR% in an attempt to retain liquidity once the ada/indy LBE Farm has ended?

  • Yes(Move unclaimed rewards)
  • No(Find something else to do with them)
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I don’t know if this make sense but can this be put in a “treasury” wallet?..We will need funds to pay for programming services sooner or later.

So the treasury wallet has 4.5 million indy at the moment, however, what good is that indy if the trading pool becomes to shallow once the LBE has ended to make any sizeable trade without losing ada value to slippage?


Indy needs deep liquidity and with 4.5 million indy in the treasury it’s better for the treasury to incentives holding of indy by providing liquidity. I agree on the idea. Do you consider this as ongoing, so also for rewards which are unclaimed in the future?


Correct, we are already working with Minswap to build
consistent farm emission, with unclaimed rewards being sent to them once a month.


I have to be honest, I’m not personally sure whether to vote yes on this proposal. I feel like other alternate options need to be explored first so we know it’s definitely the right path forward. I’m not yet convinced this is the right use of unclaimed airdrops or staking rewards… So yeah, I would be interested to hear other ideas/options and also arguments as to why one is the right decision over another or why not split the rewards between a few different options.

Found this discussion: Expired Indy Rewards - #26 by DrOctaFunk and everything seems to make sense.

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