User experience during a testnet period

Recently, I experienced some swapping assets using Test ADA between its own chain and side chain on the testnet of milkyswap through its own wallet and metamask.
and then We went through the process of directly trying Yield farming using LP obtained by providing liquidity using them.
I think this process was obviously very helpful to newbie like me. We expect that there will be an opportunity for users to experience it directly on testnet.


I have been reading the discord a lot and am trying to wrap my head around it. I definitely would appreciate a chance to play around in the testnet prior to actual use of real assets.


I have to agree that we should educate new community members that are lacking technical knowledge. This would hugely increase adoption for a project. A testnet launch could help doing so. MinSwap did a testnet and airdropped Mint to people participating in the testnet. This was very interesting as it helped them find some UX and technical issues as well.


Completely agree on a testnet in which to learn basic operations. It could be accompanied by videos on YouTube to bring newcomers closer to the platform


When I started traditional trading I was put on a trading simulator. It was a brilliant way to learn how to trade without risking real money. A testnet gives you the ability to push buttons and get a feel for the platform but a trading simulation can give you invaluable experience and a better understanding before applying real world risk taking ? Not sure if this would be possible but it would be a nice way to train inexperienced users of what is possible when you know how to use the platform?


It would be helpful to have a public testnet so I could test out some of my trading strategies and get more comfortable with synthetics.

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Did you got into their airdrop. I missed it but yes the peocess was very smooth. This is gonna be game changer. I can see a lot of TVL coming from Ethereum to Cardano.


On the road map on the indigo website it says that there will be a testnet in Q2, i am also looking forward to put all the information and knowledge we gathered to work, would be a fun ride!


Any update on a test net on the horizon yet ?
Would be good to get Pey or the guy from Cardano learn to do a walkthrough on you tube to hold not just my hand through the process but many others who are trying to learn. :pray:

Great idea of having a testnet to wrap your head around the process.

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