Use Ada in treasury to buy up DC remaining INDY tokens

This will be very simple and straight forward…

We should use the ADA in the treasury for immediate action to slow the sell pressure from the old team member, possibly negotiating an under the table deal with him as to persuade him to not sell on the open market… This should be done indefinitely until his remaining tokens are bought back… The INDY purchased will of course go right back into the treasury so theoretically, little to no money from the treasury will be lost…

Please and thank you…



I’m in favor of this. Let’s see where this discussion goes

Who’s DC and/or the seller you are referring to ? Looking at your post, it seem that current selling pressures are related to someone offloading massive holding of INDY… could you please tell us more about the story?

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First things first. Where will the money for such a purchase come from? The treasury only has 108k ADA and that’s not enough to cover what you are proposing. (see image attached) .
I understand the impact this might have for the token price action, but we need to be realistic here.