Update INDY Rewards for Governance Staking

Update INDY Rewards for Governance Staking


To incentivize INDY Staking using the unallocated rewards from proposal #39, aiming to balance the rewards between INDY Stakers and LP and SP.


  1. Allocate 2917 INDY per epoch using the unallocated rewards from proposal #39 to INDY Staking.
    Current INDY Staking rewards: 2398 INDY
    Updated INDY Staking rewards: 5315 INDY

  2. Unused allocations prior to execution of this proposal shall be designated to the treasury.


Yes, indy staking incetives is very welcome to maintain increase of holders and to help price stability


There was 26k INDY in the unclaimed/expired rewards pool after 6k was earmarked for continuation of the incentivized ADA/INDY pool in Minswap. So to confirm then you are proposing to send that 26k INDY to the DAO Treasury, correct?


Just to clarify for point 2.

It references to 2917 per epoch unallocated rewards up till this proposal execution right
If this execute immediately upon the rewards changes for #39, there will be 0 unused allocations for point 2.


did is a good start for indy staking rewards,how to vote yes?


:call_me_hand: Me gusta esta propùesta, tiene mi apoyo

Right, just trying to account for any overlap that could occur between proposal creation and implementation if it were to pass.

YES! I thought staking Indy was supposed to get better with v2. It’s actually gone down significantly for me. Stakers need help and better incentive.

It’s okay for me but I think it’s not enough! We have to increase the Ada rewards too that come from the staking of Indy

I mean… I like money.

As INDY staker, I would like to have discounts on CDP interest.
*more specific in my previous posts

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Sounds like a great idea!

I think we should look into different % tiers for these reward payments, ie the people who have staked for longer should receive a larger piece of the pie. Boosted Staking. Rewarding the right behaviours will pay dividends further down the track. Tagging @EC_ATX for visibility here too