Unknown error when claiming rewards

Hi there,
does anyone else experience the issue that when trying to claim the INDY rewards, a small message pops up saying “unknown error when claiming rewards” being unable to start the transactions?
Any known fixes to this?

Have you tried putting in a claim ticket in the discord?


Update, in case anyone else has the problem: The issue was too small UTXOs. None was big enough to send a claim request. In my caseit helped to send 5 Ada to a receive adress within my own wallet.

I have this problem with claiming.
Sorry; What was the solution?
You sent yourself ada?
Because in the UI all you can do is claim?

Yes. At least for me the reason was insufficient UTXOs - I did not have a single UTXO>5 ada. Sending yourself an amount >5ada to one adress will fix that

This didn’t fix my unknown error issue.
But changing wallet did. The error occurred with Flint wallet.

Hm, sorry to hear. You could still check whether you have set collateral and you could check your UTxO list whether apart from the Collateral UTxO there is still another UTxO > 5. If not, send to a specific UTxO adress again. Other than that, maybe you have too many different assets in your wallet, those might also cause problems. If it’s non of these things, I’m out of my waters and maybe you need to get support. good luck!

This is likely because there are no available UTXOs with INDY rewards, and you need to wait for a rebalance to occur. I think rebalances are done manually, so you will need to wait and try again later.

I signed in from another wallet and it fixed the issue.