Ulimate inflation hedge (inflation adjusted stablecoin)


Quick question, can/should we create an iCPI asset as an ultimate US inflation hedge tool? :slight_smile:


great idea imo. :+1: .see the responce you get with this post and drop a proposal.


We could utilize truflation.com and it’s Chainlink integration.

It could be implemented just as an inflation index, or as a stable coin adjusted for inflation.
An iR(eal)USD. Why holding your money in USD if you can have inflation adjusted USD?


I like the idea! I would advice you to work out the details with feedback from the community. After v1 is live I would Temp Check it.


That sounds interesting is this similar to what Shareslake is doing? on their Cardano fork?


Yes, an asset of this nature as a definitive US inflation hedging tool will find support from the community and market.


I most definitely think we should, that’s what Satoshi wanted to be honest. A currency that would keep it’s value and hedge against all the fiat Ponzi’s. HARD MONEY backed by real ideas, and progress. Something to keep us free, and give us all a more reasonable chance at success, or at the very least contentment. Or maybe that’s just me?

Either way, yes. Yes, Yes, Yes.

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I love the idea. Maybe you can use shadow statistics?

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How would this work in real use? Since CPI isn’t an asset but just an indicator, there isn’t an asset to peg it to. So if it’s supposed to keep your money hedged against inflation, where would the extra funding come from?

If inflation is let’s say 10% year over year… that means 1 dollar you invest today needs to be worth 1.10 next year. If ₳ were to remain flat at $0.33 then next year you would need to be able to withdraw 1.3 ₳ for every 1₳ you put in. That money needs to come from somewhere, otherwise it’s not actually a hedge against inflation, but just a bet that ₳ will increase in value faster than inflation. And if I understand it correctly, with iAssets if the asset becomes undervalued against the marker (CPI in this case) it would force you to either add more ₳ or liquidate your position. Which means it can’t hedge inflation.

I assume I am missing something here that makes the whole thing work. Can someone explain more?


it’d be great to have it. after working out the details we could maybe implement it

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Indigo can create iAssets out of anything with value, including an indicator. iCPI is definitely on our radar to implement.

There are always two sides to an iAsset: long and short. Users who think that inflation will decrease may choose to mint iCPI. Users who think that inflation will increase may choose to buy iCPI. Users who want to arbitrage will be able to play on both sides to help maintain the peg.