Transferring or Burn iUSD

Dear Indigo users,

recently my Nami has been hacked and I lost some funds.
I am now in the process of transferring everything to a new not compromised wallet.

I have minted some iUSD and staked it in a stability pool.
What would be the best way to transfer the iUSD to my new wallet.

Simply unstake and transfer to the new wallet, or better burn the iUSD, get my collateral and mint new iUSD in the new wallet?


I was in a similar situation and had to do the same i.e. un stake my synthetic (-1 - transaction fees (TF)) and close my stab pool, close my CDP (-2% -TF), and reopen it + new stab pool with my new wallet (+1+5+ TF)…
I did not see any other way, even if it came with substantial fees, as the position had not been created for a while…

Yeah so I’m about to incur some hefty fees…
I also don’t see any other way…

Maybe the Indigo founders have a better solution that I am not seeing yet?

I’d like to know how your Nami could be hacked? Visited a scam site and signed to drain your wallet or some seed steal or what else?

Can’t you just send your CDP NFT to a new wallet and avoid this fee? Haven’t tried it but why there would be an CDP NFT otherwise.

BTW.: Are those scams the reason all iAssets now dump like crazy?

I switched to another pool for extra rewards and a few days later got a NFT from that pool to claim the additional rewards. That NFT linked to an identical site of the delegation pool and it drained my wallet… I made a new wallet and transferred everything to this wallet.

But I’m now paranoid as hell, I don’t dare to sign anything anymore, I don’t dare to click any links even from moderators or people who claim to working for Indy or any other project. Also people who approach me via discord channels are getting a block. Also don’t want to try anything fancy anymore like staking with new protocols as they could be scam as well.

I don’t think those scams are linked to price action of the iAssets.