To create a new iAsset

I would like to discus creating an iAsset that allows users in the crypro world to play with the price actions of commidities, or oil, or something of this nature that is outside of crypto.

This would allow people in crypto to play with the price action of things outside of the crypto market. I am open to ideas as to which iAsset we start out with if this where to pass temp check.

The advantage of Indigo is that literally anything and eventually everything can be tokenized. We have heard from major people in the world that securities (stocks, equities, etc…) will be tokenized at some point in the future. We need to keep this in mind as time marches forward, but what else will be tokenized?

We have the opportunity to bring regular real life stuff to life in the crypro world through Indigo. Indigo can have usage that most ceypro protocols simply cannot.


We could start with F.A.N.G. Stocks first perhanps

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Meta Platforms, Amazon , Netflix, and Google would be a great start.
Do we want to add a stock as the first outside iAsset?
Would their be legal/tax problems with doing that, or do we know Indigo Team?

I believe opening up something outside of the crypto space would have very big rewards for the Indigo protocol. There are no other protocols that I know of in the Cardano ecosystem that has this ability and would allow Indigo to stand out having usage both within the crypto space and reaching to the outside world everyone is already familiar with.

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legal aside.
adding iAssets should be much more carefully considered.
in additional that if a small cap where price can be manipulated which would bring about multiple strategies to drain off ADA

For all other new iAssets proposal. there should be requirement such as bonding equivalent value of INDY on top of ADA collateral to mint?


Help me to understand how ADA would be drained off

Strongly Against it.

These kind of Assets could easily fall under scrutiny of the SEC or similar Institutions.

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I agree that is possible, but at some point all of them will be on the blockchain cardano or some other one. Perhaps it would fall under securities, but a tokenized version by definition is not a security, however once “they” do it, it would be a security, so you have a valid point and was hoping the indigo team would have some input in this area from the lega team.

Nevertheless we need to tokenize things outside of crypto to set cardano as well as Indigo apart…perhaps not stock’s, perhaps something else.