Timeline for governance process

Hi there,

I think it would great for everyone’s interest to post here the firm deadlines to respect for a DAO member to go from temp check until final on-chain submission and DAO vote for approval/rejection.

Having dates clear and firm would allow members to schedule their proposal submission and not come in the last days with all governance process steps to complete in a rush

Hello Mike,
So first step is to create a Temp Discussion: Last anywhere from 3-5 days
Followed by a Temp Check Poll: should last around the same time 3-5 days (some might go for 5 days or longer to get a better sense on whether their proposal has a chance of passing if it goes on chain)
Depending on the sentiment/results you can then choose to start the On Chain proposal journey. Im going to attach this pdf on voting procedures.
voting-procedures.pdf (85.6 KB)