The removal of user Thr33 from the Protocol Work Group

This bear market has taken a lot of good people from the ecosystem and Indigo is not immune to this. The Protocol Work Group(PWG) has felt the lack of inactivity from PWG member @thr33 to be inadequate and therefore have decided to ask the DAO to vote in agreement to remove him from the Group.


Unfortunately it’s come to this. The core of us have been debating the issues week in, week out, if not daily. We value Thr33’s insights and contributions but they are just too few and far between. We really would like to fill his seat with someone who can keep up with us, and what the DAO has elected us to do.


If you had been present for our conversations you would know that we have activly been discussing:

LP rewards restructuring 

iAsset liquidity incentives vs SP incentives

Liquidity fragmentation

Incentivizing Stable Swaps

LBE standards for new iAssets

Utility of the governance token

New standards for governance proposals 

Additions and omissions to the Constitution

V2 features and rollout

Fee design and Treasury funds

I could go on but the point is, if you think there is nothing to discuss until V2 rolls out you are mistaken. We have been actively discussing a plethora of topics on a regular basis. There is too much work to be done and the workload needs to be distributed evenly among members. We appreciate your willingness to resign and support new members. The easiest way for you to do so is by simply expressing as much in the governance channel and we can move on. We have always considered you a valuable member of the community and prefer to not drag this out to an on-chain vote but clearly we are prepared to do so.