The Idea of using synths

Okay, first I would like to start of by thanking the team on behalf of the community, I’ve been trying to shine the limelight on Indigo on multiple social media platforms plus word of mouth. The idea of this forum is genius and I know the genius ideas and implementation will continue.

What I would like to talk about is the idea of synths. If indigo implements an oracle to be used to query the debt ratio and the total amount of synths issued on-chain, I believe that if this were the case, and the oracle was multi chained (not sure if I’m describing it right) the benefits of this is that there wouldn’t be liquidity issues when trying to communicate or facilitate transactions from chain to chain. The use of this idea, ( i apologize that i haven’t elaborated enough) would be an incredible step in crosschain communications. Especially that cardano is overlooked when discussing such aspects, this will not only improve Indigo but also Cardano as a whole!


I wish I understood what you are trying to say. Can you please elaborate a bit?


As far as I know, Indigo is going to use existing Oracles and there is no current plan of the team to build an oracle (I brought up this topic in the past). And reg. the synths, the price is maintained by getting the price feeds from outside. Not sure what advantage it has by sending back the price of the synths outside… Maybe I’m understanding your scenario wrong here…