Temperature Check for DAO Approval: Formation of the Protocol Outreach Group (POG)


Formation of the Protocol Outreach Group (POG)

Proposal Overview

This proposal suggests establishing a Protocol Outreach Group (POG) with a mission of enhancing and expanding the outreach and visibility of the Indigo Protocol through educational and informational content. The POG members would be elected and compensated by the Indigo DAO. We propose that each receive a monthly stipend of 250 INDY from the DAO Treasury to help ensure that they are supported to spend the time necessary to achieve the goals of the POG and engage with the community.

Objectives of the POG

Boost Indigo Protocol Awareness: Through various content formats (X threads, infographics, videos, articles, etc.), increase public knowledge and understanding of Indigo Protocol’s features, benefits, and developments.

Engage Community Creativity: Encourage community members and external content creators to contribute to the Indigo ecosystem by producing high-quality, informative content.

Enhance Community Engagement: Strengthen the Indigo community by actively involving them in content creation and dissemination.

Structure & Functioning of the POG

  • Step 1 - Nomination Poll and Proposal Voting Process:

    • Interested community members express interest in being part of the POG through the Indigo Forum.
    • After a time, the nominees will be listed in a Discord Poll to be voted on.
    • The five individuals with the most Poll votes will then be included as nominees to be appointed to the first POG.
    • The Proposal and the five nominees will be voted on through Indigo DAO governance in one round of open voting to officially form the POG.
  • Step 2 - Plan and Funding

    • The elected POG members would first be required to present a plan and a proposed budget to the DAO for approval by a further vote.
      • The plan would at a minimum detail the number and types of incentives and how to compensate creators - e.g., through grants for voluntarily created content; accelerator/BDM firms operating on behalf of the outreach group; paid posts by influencers; commissioned infographics or explanatory blogs, etc. The proposed plan should consider different incentive tiers based on effort, the type of created content, with a goal of encouraging the sustained output of quality content and productivity.
      • The POG members could both manage content creation by others and create content as provided for in the approved plan.
    • The POG has the option to select a lead manager of the group who will take the responsibility of coordination and planning within the POG. If the POG members elect to do this, the plan proposal can also include a request to pay the manager an additional amount of INDY monthly to compensate for their increased responsibility and commitment to the POG.
    • The POG members would control any DAO-supplied tokens via a multi-sig.
  • Step 3 - Reporting and Record Keeping:

    • POG members would provide monthly reports on work done, work in process, the effectiveness of completed work, and an account of the POG budget.
    • A defined tiered incentive structure, presented to the DAO, is crucial for the accuracy and appropriate management of Treasury funds for the future.

Proposal Request

This proposal requests that the Indigo DAO community:

  • Approve the formation of the Protocol Outreach Group and elect five members.
  • Approve paying a stipend of 250 INDY per month to each POG member.
  • Appoint Indigo Labs to collaborate with the elected POG members to set up a multi-sig to receive and then distribute funds from the DAO Treasury, and otherwise support the launch of the POG. Funds owed from efforts completed before the DAO Treasury unlock can be back paid based on the account of grants owed for voluntarily created content.


The establishment of the Protocol Outreach Group would be a strategic step in broadening the reach and influence of the Indigo Protocol. Through incentivized content creation,its aim would be to educate, engage, and grow the Indigo community, thereby strengthening the Indigo ecosystem. Your support in this initiative is vital for its success.


Brilliant idea.
My 2 cents would be focused on onboarding normies. Through videos and/or educational threats (not too long) showing the benefits of Synthetics’ DeFi, and skipping the technical details.
I am not very popular tho, always glad to help if necessary.
Good Luck!


I like the idea but with 1 caveat.

Use 1 of those position allotments as an ongoing monthly competition.

This would allow the greater community to generate content on a per diem basis.

To protect that 250 indy payout a minimum viable vote could occur monthly. IE: a minimum # of votes threshold has to be achieved before the payout is authorized

Every month the votes reset and a new focus is announced. The 4 POG members could decide what the monthly competition will focus on. Infographics, memes, AI content, X threads, some other type of engagement, etc…

This would also get the entire community more engaged and participating in the marketing of the protocol.

Just an idea


I like the idea, extend INDIGO visibility especially with good and quick youtube videos is crucial to help bring new investors to the protocol and cardano ecosystem.


I am very much interested in this, I have made many professional videos in the Cardano space for many NFT projects and some DeFi protocols. I am interested in this and hope I can be part of it.


Gm. There is already a learning platform called work_courses by the working dead nft.You can use this platform to inform and educate people. You costumize your content through the white label edition. The platform offers to the creators the chance to create videos or to just add content. Btw the platform has access to eth users and soon to solana users. So you could expand your user’s base. All you need is a crypto wallet for access to the platform.


Hello everyone,

I think it’s a very good idea to create a group of people promoting the protocol by creating interesting content for both DeFi novices and experts.

From my point of view, the biggest weakness comes from the fact that many people don’t understand the mechanisms behind the protocol. For example, when it comes to staking, I get a lot of private messages asking me where the ADA rewards come from. I try to help these people as much as I can, but it would be better to make some kind of instructional video. With the arrival of V2, things will be even more complicated for the “Noob” public. I’ll try to make the content so that readers of all levels can easily understand it.

I’d like to be pro-active on this voice if there’s anyone else who’d like to join me.

Cheers my fellas stakerz !


Overall great idea. Thank you for putting something together for this.


Great initiative. Excited to see where the proposal goes and what members are ready to step up to take Indigo’s community-based marketing to the next level


I support your candidacy! :+1:
After all, you’re a good informant for Indigo on X (formerly Twitter)


Thank you very much for your support mate. I really appreciate it. There is so many good things to do.


Hey Pete! Would love to see you contribute of you were interested :slight_smile:


I’ve already written a course outline on using the platform with use cases—I’m just waiting on V2 to start recording.


This is huge and will be a big step towards educating the community. I will give some more thought to this and sounds like a good idea to use the “bones” of the proposal that was used to back compensate the Labs. There was a lot of good info on that document about specific deliverables, etc. I would be interested in helping out in this group and the organization + record keeping involved with it.


It is the good time to create quality content and distribute it through various channels with a focus to attract new retail users. I have been associated with Indigo community since 2022 and am aware about various aspects of the protocol. I would love to join POG group if selected. Can’t wait to take Indigo to new hights. :heart:


I think this is a very good strategy of Indigo to spread the awareness among Cardano community.
Firstly, Indigo is the most complicated Defi project on Cardano. It is not easy to understand the protocol, how it works etc. Community also need deep understandings about Cardano blockchain structure such as franken address. So even Indigo has the highest TVL in Cardano Defi, not many people on Cardano could understand & use the protocol.

In our Vietnamese Cardano community, Indigo project was discussed from the very 1st day. Up to now, we still update information to our community frequently.

I will write the interest in POG on behalf of our community with more detail information & the previous works related to Indigo on Discord later. I think with the support form Vietnamese community, more people will understand & join of the Indigo protocol.


Followings the brief report what we have delivered to Vietnamese in the past 2 years +
Total 45 announcements, including news, airdrop, warning, research, tools…
Hope that you guys understand what we have done & our potentials for delivering to broader community all over the world.

Summary of posts about the Indigo project


Hi Everyone,

I’m a huge Indigo fan and it’s my favorite protocol.

I’d love to join the POG.

I’ve been obsessed with Cardano DeFi since the Alonzo fork in 2021. I know the project inside out, and often write threads on it in X to bring things to light that most people don’t know.

I’m also a filmmaker/graphic designer, who’s worked in marketing. During the bull I’m going to be focusing on creating crypto content, and I’d love to write about, make videos, and meme about Indigo, especially making how to’s on using the protocol. Either way, I’ve got nothing but love for Indigo!


POG Candidate proposal - @TheDAppAnalyst


The primary objective of this initiative is to increase awareness and adoption of the Indigo protocol among new cryptocurrency users and provide insight and a point of contact for existing Cardano users within the growing ecosystem. By effectively marketing the protocol, we aim to attract users interested in leveraging decentralized finance to earn rewards and grow their portfolio.


  1. Educational Content Creation:
    Develop high-quality educational content such as articles, videos, tutorials, and infographics explaining the concept of CDPs, its benefits, and how it operates within the Cardano ecosystem.

  2. Social Media Engagement:
    Utilize various social media platforms including Twitter & Discord to engage with the crypto community, share informative content, and address queries related to CDPs on Cardano.

  3. Community Building:
    Establish and nurture a vibrant community of defi enthusiasts by organizing webinars, AMA sessions, and online events. Encourage active participation and provide a platform for users to share their experiences and insights.

  4. Strategic Partnerships:
    Collaborate with other projects, influencers, and organizations within the Cardano ecosystem to amplify the reach of our marketing efforts and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

By establishing a Protocol Outreach Group focused on marketing the Collateral Debt Position protocol on Cardano, we aim to play a pivotal role in driving adoption and fostering a thriving DeFi ecosystem within the Cardano community. We are committed to delivering results and are confident in our ability to achieve our objectives with diligence and dedication.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem.


Alex - CardanoDappAnalyst


Hi all - I am a huge proponent of Indigo and would like to put my name forward to join the POG.

I think this is one of the greatest community-driven initiatives that we have seen across all of Cardano Defi, and I would love to assist as Indigo continues setting the industry standard!

For those who don’t know me, I have been involved in Cardano since 2017 and was one of the first SPOs to join the Shelley Incentivised Test Net back in mid-2020 - the rest is history.

Looking forward to seeing the POG in action either way - 2024 will be a huge year for Indigo!