Temp Check Proposal for DAO approval: Forming an Indigo Protocol Technology Working Group (TWG)

Title: Forming an Indigo Protocol Technology Working Group (TWG)

Now that the Protocol Working Group (PWG) has been created, the Indigo Labs team proposes the creation of a Technology Working Group (TWG) to assist in the technical development of the Indigo Protocol and the greater ecosystem. Section 3.5 of the Indigo Constitution authorizes the creation of Working Groups by a vote of the DAO Members.

As discussed when creating the PWG, working groups are commonly used to help selected community members collaborate on important protocol projects, and give detailed guidance and advice to the community and to service providers like Indigo Labs. The PWG has already presented Temp Checks and become an essential resource to the community on its focus areas on improvements to the rewards structures, fees structures, economic incentives, and related matters.

TWG Focus
We propose that the focus areas for the TWG be the following:

  1. Understand the Tech Stack - i.e., the Indigo Protocol smart contracts, web app, oracles, etc., and the blockchains, systems or infrastructures that each of those interact with;
  2. Work with Indigo Labs and other service providers (e.g., mLabs) to: evaluate and improve the Tech Stack; identify and define new features and functionalities (upgrades) or improvements to existing systems (updates); provide insights and evaluations of technology audits/audit scope; and provide advice and suggestions on any other aspect of the Tech Stack or the ecosystem;
  3. Act as advisors and consultants to the Indigo community and to service providers on the near-term and long-term technological development of the Tech Stack and DeFi technology in general, and to general specific software code where appropriate;
  4. Generate educational content for the community as they deem fit regarding all of the foregoing.

Members and Term/Termination
The TWG members should be experienced engineers, developers and/or builders of dApps and DeFi protocols on the Cardano blockchain, including all relevant software coding languages.

As with the PWG, participation in the TWG would be a voluntary, unpaid position at the start. We believe that working groups of other projects frequently receive payment for their work and that Indigo TWG members (and for that matter PWG members) should be compensated in INDY in the future; however, we think that it is best to delay any decision on that until the DAO treasury is unlocked with the next protocol upgrade.

The initial term of TWG members would run from the date that this Temp Check is passed as a Proposal and continue to June 1, 2024.

The number of TWG members is not set – we suggest that it be at least four at the start, and that the DAO should consider minimum or maximum member numbers in the future. TWG members can resign at any time, and the DAO could vote to remove any TWG member at any time. The TWG members would agree to have bi-weekly calls and provide updates to the community, but otherwise would be free to organize their efforts as they see fit. To be clear, this Temp Check does not give the TWG members any control over any DAO Treasury funds or over any aspect of the Protocol (i.e., the TWG is not receiving any ‘keys’ to the Protocol, web app, etc.).

TWG Nominees
While we suggested a community-driven nomination process for the initial PWG members, the Labs team has had the opportunity to engage with numerous talented engineers/developers/builders for nearly two years while building and managing the Indigo Protocol, and we feel that we have identified several highly-qualified individuals who we have reached out to, and who are willing and able to be members of the initial TWG. So in this Temp Check we ask that the following highly-qualified individuals be approved as initial TWG members:
● Nico Arqueros / Founder dcSpark / Twitter: @nicoarqueros / Discord: nicoarq#4895
● Conrad Cordeiro / Co-Founder Kora Labs (ADAHandle) / Twitter: @conraddit / Discord: $conrad#0909
● Pi Lanningham / CTO SundaeSwap Labs / Twitter: @quantumplation / Discord: quantumplation#3141
● Andrew Westberg / CTO NEWM / Twitter: @amw7 / Discord: AndrewWestberg [BCSH]#7537

We believe that this proposed TWG, like the PWG, would greatly benefit the Indigo Protocol by harnessing the collective expertise and dedication to Indigo of the community, while at the same time furthering Indigo Protocol’s standing as one of the most decentralized DeFi protocols on Cardano! We ask for everyone’s support and look forward to answering any questions.


Hi All, Pi here!

Happy to field questions about how I personally view this role and how I plan to be approaching it, should the proposal pass.


Have the TWG members selected by the Labs team agreed to participate or is there participation still to be determined?


I was a goofball who repeated Pi’s question back to him on Discord, and the answer was so good that I think I’d better paste it here, too, for forum reference


These nominees have committed to serving the TWG if the DAO approves the proposal


Hi everyone! Nico from dcSpark here. Very excited to be part of the proposal. if I can answer any questions, I’m around.


Hi all, $conrad here from ADA Handle. I’m one of the TWG nominees. Let me know if you have any questions.


I like this group. Will put my Indy towards a yes vote for these folks


I am all for the smart computer people doing the smart computery things. You have my support for this new boy band! Go-Indigo-Go!!!


Wow what an all star cast. Indigo would be very lucky to benefit from such great minds all on one team. I can’t wait to see them in action. Let’s go TWG!


What a great team. this is a step in the right direction.


Can’t lose with this!


This team is fantastic!


A great team has benn assembled, I fully approve!


First of all great list of nominees! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to add a nominee? If yes I would like to add miguelaeh#2694 (Discord) to the list. He was the founder of Shareslake and with RED (RUSD) they were one of the first stablecoins on Cardano. Unfortunately it wasn’t adopted by the Cardano ecosystem. But I have seen how hard miguelaeh#2694 worked to gain some traction for his project. I think the knowledge miguelaeh#2694 has gained can benefit Indigo Protocol.

@EC_ATX can you maybe reach out and check if he is open to join the TWG.


Hey 0oetje,

Nice to see you around, it’s been a while!

At this time, the current TWG cohort of nominees should be concluded as we’re moving this to the poll phase. If/when the TWG is approved for formation, then they can absolutely decide to expand/contract as they see fit.



It has been, but don’t worry I’m following the movements regarding Indigo Protocol.

I understand it has been concluded.

Keep up the good work!



And that’s how the Avengers came together.


I am completely on board with this proposal, especially the initial TWG members. They are some of if not the best technical people who know cardano well, all with great projects.

Can’t wait to see this put into action.

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Thanks for putting this together, it’s an important step in the process and the candidates on the list are noteworthy of accomplishments to the ecosystem.

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