Tax Report for different countries

Would you facilitate in any way the info to help the project users to be ok with the tax report of different countries? I’m from Spain.


Taxation is theft. We are over taxed in the US, Im sure its the same around the world.


Indigo doesn’t give legal, financial or tax advice. You’ll have to consult with qualified specialists who cater to your individual circumstances and applicable jurisdictions.


I know that is my responsability, but what I’m interested is if Indigo can provide a list of movements or whatever that can help to build the tax report. May be I can take this info from the wallet I use to interact…

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No. We do not provide this information nor plan to.

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Not sure about that in your country my man, but here in Malaysia, still no regulation about crypto.

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In Spain is too much hehehe and more to come

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But I guess in recent year from now a big regulation and taxation will hit us hard too bro. :sweat_smile: what we expect from them? None. We self govern ourself