Staking with a CSPA pool = Happy

I have to be honest, after chasing around after various ISPOs I feel so much happier now that i have settled on a CSPA pool. My investment will grow steadily while helping to secure and maintain the decentralisation of the blockchain.

It was the ethos and community that drew me to Cardano in the first place, and i am so much happier now. It was a smart move of Indigo to help promote and incentivise the use of single pools and i hope it does help to drive diversification and awareness of the importance of decentralisation.

I copied the following links from Discord to help others find a sutiable CSPA pool:

Lists with all CSPA pools:

Official CSPA site:
Adafolio List:
Adapools List Alliances - Cardano Single Pool Alliance | Cardano Staking / Explorer
Cardano Stake Pool Explorer List: Cardano Stake Pool Explorer


I agree, I have just restaked to a CSPA pool from the ill-fated Flickto pool. I was impressed by the number of pools and took a while browsing through some of the options before picking a couple. Great for decentralisation to promote these .


It’s a great initiative!


I’m staking to AdaOz pool, as I value his YouTube videos so it’s a win win.

What annoyed me though was that I did not get the badge when staking via Yoroi, so had to retry with my Nami wallet which now works …strange


Yes! Welcome! I’ve personally settled a majority of my funds in CSPA’s. In these market conditions chasing ISPO’s and handing over my rewards is unwise at this time. The continued health the of the network is priority number one. Every little bit helps.


Good project Vamos pra cima


Thank you so much for helping CSPA pools; kindly appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks for promoting further decentralization on Cardano.


i now am eyeing 2-3 major SPAs in relation to Indigo, as well as Ardana to name another. definitely will be carefully allocating to each


So glad you can stake for Indigo now and still get your ADA rewards!


I completely agree, I do take some other things in consideration when choosing a stake pool, such as performance and proffessionalism. I stake one of my wallets with Squid pool, although theyre not a part of CSPA theyre a very efficient and consistent single stake pool. They’ve applied to be a part of CSPA if they’re successful, I highly recommend them.

Otherwise I also stake with Long Short Signal, I rate them highly as well.

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So true
Been in CSPA`S for a while now but majority of my funds are tied up elsewhere due to time constraints/bonuses
Think i am leaning towards its better to get my ada for me due to future value.


Big fan of decentralisation.

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