Stake INDY to unlock Premium Features

Have heard some chatter about this in discord, can we get a feel of how people feel about a staking INDY incentive to unlock some premium features?

-Live LP distribution
-iASSET apr/apy
-wallet counts per pool

Sync with epochs, and let’s get some input on what statistics we deem appropriate and for what price. Priced per epoch, one or two levels?

Ex: Level 1 - stake 100 INdY/epoch

Level 2 - stake 500 INDY/epoch

This would encourage innovation from the team as it should provide incentives for them to keep building.


are you envisioning this to be a stake pool separate from the governance pool? I think some advanced tools for users to understand the health and distributions of the network would be great. I am also a huge proponent of making as much information publicly available as possible. much of this type of information is valuable to users doing research on platforms. IMO making things like that public would attract more users than advertising “you must have a stake in our platform to figure out how things are going”.


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I am just envisioning an additional SNAPSHOT being made for each epoch, to see if the USERS on the protocol are committing at certain levels. After thinking about it more:

Level 1 - stake 50 INDY and provide 100 iUSD / epoch

Level 2 - stake 250 INDY and provide 500 iUSD / epoch

Users like premium features, shows a commitment, Team INDY would have to build the features and the community would have to decide which features are considered PREMIUM


Great idea, keep up the good work