Reward Restructure for Stability pools and Indy stakers

after the successful launch of Indigo Protocol V2 a lot of things have changed, and we need to alter the token distribution to cater the current needs of the protocol.
V2 was not just a normal software update but it changes the whole game of how we perceive synthetic assets. Implementaion of interest rates has defined the synthetic assets as a debt instruments which can be treated as assets only if you have bought them from secondary markets. Introduction of RMR means, that in situation of depegg there will be a constant upward CR modification of all the CDPs, which indirectly means that there wont be any liquidations happening if and when RMR is active.
currently 60% of all issued I-assets are sitting in the stability pools and earning about 20%HRA through indy token inflation over and above ada returns. if we have already decided that synthetic assets are a debt instruments, then why are we paying such a high cost of about 38-40% for accuring CDPs that pays us 8-20% ? it does not make sense at all.
I believe Stability pools are an integral part of Indigo protocol, which gives capital protection in events of high price volatality, presense of stability pools establishes desirability for i-assets in the secondary markets. so it is a very important and integral part of the indigo protocol which needs to be nurtured.
Currently stabilty pools, due to high lucrative returns in upwards of 100% over and above the funding cost is being abused by the yeild farmers. Stability pools in V1 was used as a tool to attract TVL through lucrative returns via token inflation with the desire, that high TVL will increase the demand for the underline token, which in return will increase price of the token. but intoduction of interest rate has already tapered the TVL growth and was intended to keep the yeild farmers away. which will help us for the long term sustanability of the protocol. but i’ll argue that till the returns on stabilty pools are higher than the cost of funding, we cannot get rid of the yeild farmers.
what i propose is, to cap the desired amount of I-assets we want in stabilty pools to provide stabilty in high volatality situation, currently 60% of all the issued iassets are parked in the stability pool which is too high, i feel the desired amount should be in about 30-35% ballpark, and for that portion of i-assets, return on staking should be at least 10% below funding rates. which will keep yeild farmers away but at the same time give lucrative returns to the spot buyers of iassets.
so what i propose is to cut token inflation which goes to stability pools by at least 40%. and till the introduction of new i-assets in the system, divert those tokens to either the DAO or the Stakers or both.
if we divert the token inflation towards the stakers then the staking rewards can easily go above double digit HRA.
only drawback of this proposal is that it might push the yeild farmers away which will result in loss of small portion of current TVL, but i’ll argue that it will be good for short term as clossed CDPs will result in early realisation of interest payments.