Redemption pool/stability pool limit to redeem

instead of a stability pool, why not have a redemption pool.
i can pool my iassets there, it can act as a stability pool for the most part, but also take part in the redemption feature for when there is x number of iasset that is available to redeem.
its basically a pool of limit orders to redeem when there are cdps under the redemption ratio.

similar to a stability pool actually. but im concerned if the pools would compete too much with individual traders. perhaps the pool would not be allowed to eat up all the redemption available. perhaps only a % of it so other people can come in and take part in the redemption feature without needing to always compete with the pool.
or perhaps the pool works like a random lottery. so your iassets may or may not get chosen for redemption.
it could also depend on the demand and the profit. ie you would only use the pooled iasset to redeem if the peg gets below a certain amount. this could set a great balance for the peg and also set a base price as there will always be demand from the pool at a specific depeg.