Put your ada where your heart is

why are we here? i held off so long on getting into crypto because all i ever heard was 100x, how to get rich now and he got a lambo and i was always told if its too good to be true it is. so when i finally decided to see what all the hype was about and started researching the labyrinth of crypto i stumbled onto charles hoskinson. an hour and a half later i opened a coinbase account and my adaislove journey began. i have been doing some thinking about all these projects and what they say they want to do for the user [the user that already has money} my mind keeps going back to that first charles video i watched and why he got into crypto. i want everybodys ideas on how we can give back. i was thinking there has to be a way and this is just an idea but what if on idigo for every transaction or payout .01 ada was put in a vault and monthly donations to a charity voted on by the government of indy dao. we can do realy good things with this technology lets be the project all the others on cardano follow. love you cardano/ indy family, i hope you are all well and receiving nothing but love


might be off topic but ill bite. self reflecting is important, i agree. BUT we early-ish investors certainly did not enter this space to lose money. we came to create value and gain value - the two go hand in hand, they are not necessarily separate or contradictory.

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well thank you for biting i just look at WallStreet and the greed and fear thats the rout crypto is taking the only way things will change is if its programmed in ha idk if you have ever seen office space .001 from every transaction adds up. as the world gets smaller it seems like people are becoming idk more focused on just themselves and all the crap they have while there r people starving dying from not eating and we WANT a newer car or a nicer house than our neighbor.

Coinbase listing ADA was really over due, i’m glad to hear that you didn’t have to wait.