Proposal for VESPR Wallet Integration

Mobile devices account for a significant portion of internet usage, with data from Mobile Vs. Desktop Internet Usage (Latest 2023 Data) - BroadbandSearch showing 60% of web traffic market share in 2023 belongs to mobile. Recognizing the growing demand for accessibility and convenience, the integration of VESPR mobile wallet into Indigo is a logical move, as Indigo users will gain the ability to manage their CDPs, iAssets, and accounts on the go anywhere they want, at any time.

Because of the growing market share of mobile devices, mobile wallets bear the potential to engage a much broader audience as they serve as the primary interface for interacting with the blockchain. They can also play an instrumental role in shaping users’ first impressions and their overall perceptions of the blockchain and its affiliated dApps. By integrating a sleek, user-friendly wallet like VESPR, it may be possible to cultivate more long-lasting, positive impressions about Cardano, Indigo, and many other dApps in the Cardano ecosystem.

At VESPR, we focus on clean and clear UI/UX designs that cater to both seasoned Cardano users and newcomers alike. We take pride in our originality/uniqueness, efficient user flow, and intelligent behavior-based design, as well as the finer details like maintaining simple/straightforward language choice, colors, and iconography. Every detail is designed with intention and purpose so that users can navigate with ease and intuitiveness at every touchpoint.

Beyond the interface, we also pride ourselves on making the Cardano experience extremely fast. Our transaction submission speed is backed by a robust node infrastructure. VESPR will always take the necessary technical measures to ensure that your transactions are prioritized and submitted at competitive speeds. Moreover, our advanced coin selection algorithm intelligently manages your wallet’s UTXOs ensuring peak performance, efficiency, adaptability, and speed over time. This means that the more you use VESPR, the more performant your wallet becomes.


There’s been a growing number of Indigo users requesting integration with VESPR; excited to see this one out there and will personally support!


Vespr is my favorite wallet, so I definitely think this is a great combination with Indigo.


yep, sounds like the right thing to do!

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Is it opensource? If yes than I am in full favour of this proposal.

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doesn’t seem to be the case

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That’s what I expected

VESPR is a fantastic mobile wallet. I would absolutely LOVE to see this happen!


I would vote yes for it!

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I’m all for this one. I love Vespr such a great mobile wallet. The more wallets the better. If There’s anything we can do to help integration we should.

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