Poll: Proposal for Adjusting RMR and Enable Redemption for iUSD

Cast your vote for the following Proposal for Adjusting RMR and Enable Redemption for iUSD

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the RMR at 150% is too low, there are no CDPs available, we just risk launching our best product to hold the peg without having any changes, I can already imagine FUD. furthermore we could be faced with an increase in the value of ADA, this increases the ratio making even fewer usable CDPs and increasing the selling pressure in the DEXs. We need 185% - 200%

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Give RMR value options to the vote.
Let the DAO decides which value we are going.

The right parameters should ideally range between 185% to 200%. I suggest that we vote on these parameters; otherwise, the measure will not produce the desired effect

I’m up for two changes: setting it to 150% with the intention of raising it up or setting it to 185% with the intention of bringing it down. As you said, setting it to 150% will probably not help peg in the short term. My concern for setting it to 185% is that this could alienate even more CDP users. If you’re really sure about this then please convince them to vote no on this for now.

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Is this possible in the actual governance vote? Or do you mean to make a temp check poll with multiple options for the RMR?

I think 185% is not too high a level but a fair compromise in the short and long term. We are facing a possible bull market for ADA, we are unlikely to see many CDPs fall below 150% in the coming months, while selling pressure will continue to increase. If it were possible, the same proposal should be updated so as not to waste a further 10/15 days

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How long until we can get this temp check to an on-chain vote? 150% is a decent starting point for the RMR especially since that was the LR before.

I know that I have suggested to set the RMR to 150%, but after talking to a bunch of people this might be to conservative.

I have to change my mind and would suggest to switch to 185% (MR+35%).

The peg is most important and people won’t be liquidated, it’s only a redemption to the RMR value.

Thank you for the feedback, everyone. Since some of you shared concerns about how 150% might be too low, I decided to make another poll where you can poll on what you believe is the ideal value for iUSD RMR.

Poll: Proposal for Adjusting RMR and Enable Redemption for iUSD (150% or 185%)

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