Poll for DAO to ratify the 5 nominees to the Protocol Advisor Working Group

Here you can cast your vote to move forward with our 5 nominees (@DrOctaFunk , @Spuds, @thr33, @gcarrharris, @zygomeb) for Temp Check Proposal for DAO approval to form Protocol Advisor Working Group - #32 by Spuds

  • Yes
  • No

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Looks like a good group :+1:


I’m excited to see the community actively participating in the governance of Indigo. It’s fantastic that we have five highly capable nominees - @DrOctaFunk, @Spuds, @thr33, @gcarrharris, and @zygomeb - who are willing to take on the responsibility of the Protocol Advisor Working Group. :clap:


way to go! congrats to all the nominees

Congrats to the big 5!

Excited to see what the group brings to the table and hopefully this can increase the depth of the discussions.

congratulations! hope we can also review performances and also have a voting every 6 months

These 5 are going to do great. Good luck guys! :smile: