Order types for cdps and stability pools

would be great if there was an option to reinvest stability pool rewards and also set automatic orders for the ada that is received from liquidated iassets that you had in the stability pool.

the reinvestment would be to purchase an iasset automatically and put it back in the stability pool, or even put back to work in the cdp position.

another automatic function to add would be to set a limit on your cdp so funds are automatically pulled from the stability pool to burn the cdp debt down at certain price points or collateral levels
Its fairly risky having your iasset in a stability pool and not being around to pull it from the pool and burn it quickly. having the automatic functions would help to put investors at ease and save their cdp.
you can set certain % cdp levels that you want to keep,

set certain amount of iassets that are in a stability pool to be sent to burn down the cdp

also setting limits orders on a cdp so you can mint at certain prices or burn at certain prices, deposit, or withdraw at certain prices
or setting up a purchase of an iasset at a certain price and then having that automatically burn.