Multiple iAssets using a single CDP

Let’s say you want to create 2 CDPs to manage your risk, 700 ADA for iBTC position and 300 ADA for iETH position. This way if you consider iETH to be riskier than iBTC, you would have a lower risk mantaining your positions. However, you need to manually balance your CDPs to avoid liquidations on a single iAsset.

If Indigo could let you create a single CDP for multiple iAssets users would be able to create new strategies to manage risk.

70% iUSD
10% iETH
20% iBTC

For this example, MCR could be related to the iAsset with the highest MCR:
120% (iUSD MCR)
This way Stability Pools for iBTC and iETH would receive a higher fee.

Or a balanced MCR related to the amount of each iAsset:
(120% * 70% + 110% * 10% + 110% * 20%) / 100% = 117% MCR
This way Stability Pools would receive the fee related to each iAsset.


In principle I think this could be an interesting feature as it would be easier to maintain multiple positions without needing to move collateral between them and incurring fees. Would need some input from the team on its viability though.

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I like this idea. I don’t know if this is exactly what the team once mentioned as a “basket of assets”, but it would be definitely a nice addition to Indigo. However, it would be good if anyone from Indigo labs could answer if that is feasible or not to implement (especially how to handle the liquidations of various assets at once. Will it need a new Stability Pool for these assets?)

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would it be the same concept to keep the cdps separate but allow you to transfer between cdps?

ie. ability to withdraw ada from ibtc cdp and send it to your ieth cdp.