Mercuryo - Native FIAT On Ramps on Indigo

Recent crypto market environments have highlighted the risks associated with centralized exchanges. This has led to an influx of funds into decentralized exchanges, as demonstrated by the success of Jupiter DEX on Solana. Given this dynamic, it’s imperative to ensure smooth onboarding to decentralized exchanges, similar to what we’ve done with centralized ones. Integrating Mercuryo’s on/off-ramp product into Indigo’s UI would be a beneficial move, facilitating direct movement of funds in and out of Cardano.

At, our focus is on delivering clean and intuitive UI/UX designs that cater to both experienced cryptocurrency users and newcomers alike. We prioritize originality and efficiency in user flow. Indigo can benefit from a one-time integration and gain access to all of our products at will. This includes on-ramp, off-ramp, DCA/recurring on-ramps, and eventually even a virtual debit card that users can create to directly spend profits or staking rewards realized on the Indigo protocol. Every aspect of our design is meticulously crafted to enable users to navigate seamlessly and intuitively at every interaction point.

Beyond just the interface, is committed to delivering exceptional speed and performance on Cardano. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to top-notch anti-fraud measures and regulatory compliance, making Mercuryo the top choice for on-ramps in over 200 applications (such as Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Jupiter, just to name a few). The total KYC’d user base is around 7 million!


How will the implementation proceed and what cost will it have for the Dao?


What are the approximated fees for onramp?


Hey @RedXIII ! We decided to provide the on ramp integration for Indigo Protocol for free. There is no Set Up fee, no associated cost. Its just a small development overhead. We integrated with jupiter exchange on solana you can check it here - Bridge | Jupiter :slight_smile:

Hey @Nyorok fees depend on country and payment method. For users in Europe in general we are the cheapest. Typically around 2 % for cards. You can check us out on Trustwallet where we are number 1 on ramp partner. Always recommended with cheapest fees.

We can process on ramps for over 160 countries*.

One more thing to note we also recently launched an OTC desk / Mercuryo Pro integrated within Ledger. Its for users that want to on ramp 50k +, for this fees are much cheaper 1% and less.

I dont believe there is enough demand on Cardano at the moment to warrant this kind of partnership/integration. Maybe as time moves forward and things improve we can revisit this odea, but for now its a No from me.

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Hey @DrOctaFunk thanks for the feedback! I didn’t mention that integration is very easy it takes just 1-3 days. We have a long term vision for this product beyond just on ramp. We can 1. Directly list indigo token with us for purchase 2. Build out a DCA tool 3. Enable virtual debit card issuance for user to spend rewards and earnings seamlessly. All of those products could be enabled with barely any integration overhead as its all part of our on/off ramp widget. We’d just submit an additional temp. check before switching any of those on. Just letting you know about the vision!

why dont you guys colaborate with all top 3-5 TVL daps and make a catalyst proposal ?
on ramp is something which is required for the whole DEFI and not just Indigo.


The addressable market here seems a bit overstated. Defi users who are savvy enough to understand synthetics and collateralized debt positions will have most certainly solved the on/off ramp issue.

Many users around the world will not be able to meet the KYC and vetting requirements necessary to use your services.

Many Cardano wallets already have these sorts of on ramps built into them.

Any complications a user may have with your services may reflect poorly on Indigo, drawing unwarranted criticism while filling our support channels with issues that are out of our control.

I could be wrong here but I feel like the risk to the protocol outweighs any rewards that furthermore seem to favor your product more than ours.

If you could provide some solid data to support your claims I would be interested to see it.

Hey @Spuds

Thanks for sharing your concern! In fact we can KYC users and accept ID’s from around 160 countries. Although I agree of course there are still limitations. i.e. not being able to onboard users from black listed countries.

In addition we actually don’t require KYC for transfers below 600 USD + we already have 7m KYC’d users and those never need to perform KYC again. They on ramp via our widget within 15 seconds.

Perhaps worthwhile to mention that we don’t stop at on ramps. As part of the next phase we can launch DCA / recurring ramps and later a virtual debit card that can be used to spend rewards and profits seamlessly. We have a long term vision here.

When it comes to numbers. We have an integration with a leading DEX (our on ramp feature is very hidden there) yet we still processed half a million in on ramps per month for one currency alone.

The goal is to make on ramps simple and cheap. Currently its not. If you are an OG you probably move from bank to cex to self custody wallet (and the other way around for off ramps). Why not connect your account in the future directly and save even more in fees? We have this working already as well. But open to listen to client feedback to see what solution works the best and what they need. When it comes to value prop for indigo its mainly a revenue share, seamless onboarding and access to new products coming out in the future.

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