Looking for Cardano Devs

Do any of you guys know any dev marketplaces for Cardono builders? Im more of a Biz Dev type of person that has a little technical knowledge, and I need some technical help.
Thanks in advance.


There isn’t a Dev Marketplace that I know of (although that is a great idea!), but there are certain discord servers where you can find talented Cardano professionals who can help you out.

One of my top picks of servers where you can potentially get connected with a dev is the OG Winged Warrior server.

Lots of talented people with a lot of experience who are usually happy to help.


Thanks for letting me know

This sounds like something that fits nicely with the Cardano Foundation to build out. It may be worth approaching them as well as they may be able to assist. https://developers.cardano.org/

Their Developer discord invite link below.


Sorry the only place I know of is the jobs section in Cardano Lounge

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