Learnings from trends, Propose early airdrop and make best practice

“To save your time, summary of my opinion is to airdrop earlier to the contributors, and make best practice/community at the early stage.”

I saw many projects become so popular at the beginning, but lose their directions too fast. Let’s quickly talk about the trends of current situation.

Maybe I can summarize the sequences of trend as below.

  • A project gains a lot of interests by suggesting nice roadmap, and aggressive marketing.
  • Proceed IDO, launch the platform
  • The token price rises a lot and IDO participants make big profits, while many new participants try to invest on the token to earn money.
  • In the early stage, people earns money by selling tokens at a higher price to the other newcomers
  • Later, there isn’t any more new participants, so the token price starts falling.
  • Everyone try to sell tokens, and the system becomes out of control.

This is the typical type of short-run project I think. From the situation above, the main reason of failure is that most of people focus on making profit by selling tokens at a higher price. Learning from this, the most important thing we need to concentrate is
① to make people find more attractive points from the project’s original function at the early stage,
② to make the token price stable(or slowly rises).

In my opinion, one of the best solution for number 1 above is to show the best practice in the early stage. To do so, airdrop needs to be in the very early stage or earlier than launch. And the early contributors, who might get airdropped, need to make great examples using the tokens. By making good results or even good community to share information, this project will be known as the those situations, not just good opportunity to make money. Sequentially, it will make people tend to hold tokens, which will also result in relatively stable token price.

For example, let’s imagine that there are several people who has ‘alpha’ information about NFT market. We make a community with them, propose an iAsset using the information, and allow only the token/iAsset holders to be a member of the community. In this example, the project itself can be attractive enough, because people who wants to invest on NFTs can not only do it together more safely and but also share valuable information in community. If this kind of best practices is available at the early stage, doesn’t it look nice?

This is just my personal opinion, so if you have any other opinion, please feel free to leave comments. Thank you!


I agree with the current trends you summarized, and also the important points that you proposed. I think one of important things is what will motivate the early contributors to make best practice. Is token airdrop enough? Or other benefits needed? Engagement of experts to make good contents for just the beginning?


I saw the other article talking about linear airdrop. Using this idea, I think the early contributors can be motivated to participate more in the early stage by rewarding additionally for future contributes.


A project will sink/swim depending on their utility/use case. While I’m certainly not against airdrop at all in the long run continuing to clearly communicate to end users the benefits of using INDY will go a long way, at least for me. After reading the whitepaper (which unfortunately many don’t I suppose) is when one can become eligible for airdrop. A little to much?


I definitely agree. Without understanding the paper, it’s hard to be a real contributor. And also, making it easier for everyone to understand the core messages of whitepaper will be important too.


Early airdrop is good for generating awareness but beyond that it has no usecases. Success will eventually depend on how the team and community take the project forward.


In you above given example, even if the project had conducted airdrop even before IDO or ICO it had no outcome on the success of the project. That project would in anycase have failed.


I agree with you said and also with points that you proposed.

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There wasn’t any usecase before, I agree, but I think it was because those airdrops were not thoroughly prepared. What I hope to discuss here is to analyze more from a lot of failures in the past, and draw ideal/realistic method of fully utilizing airdrop. It worths doing so on this stage, because this is the forum where we discuss about the best way before launching.


This is a sensible suggestion


[A Pre-launch Airdrop, but with a twist] (A Pre-launch Airdrop, but with a twist)

This is also an interesting discussion