Is Twitter required to participate in the Airdrop?

I am part of the Discord and just voted on the proposal but do not have a twitter account and don’t plan to create one. I am a long time ADA holder and ecosystem supporter, will votes like mine be considered for the airdrop? Would hate to miss out on this project because of twitter.


it is not required as far as i know


You need vote to participate, you don’t need to have Twitter to receive the airdrop.

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Where did you get the idea that twitter was needed?

I believe Indigo will try to every part of the active Indigo community so twitter might receive some part of this airdrop, but so should discord and forum users, so do not worry too much as the team would have had a comprehensive plan of distribution.

I don’t think that voting guarantees that you will receive the airdrop.

:wink: im ao happy to be here rn you guys make me so happy

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Please see official announcements for information. The vote for the Initial Token Distribution can be found on the front page of this forum.