Is there something not working with voting?

Dear Community,

I was able to cast two votes for a DEX in the current voting round. Now I cannot vote on any more DEXes. Is that beviour intended?

This is the error Message:

An error has occurred: ExUnitsEvaluationFailed: Script failures: - Spend:2 - Redeemer: (Constr fromString “0” [(Constr fromString “0” [])]) - Input: (TransactionInput { index: 1u, transactionId: (TransactionHash (hexToByteArrayUnsafe “[hash removed]”)) }) - An error has occurred: User error: The machine terminated because of an error, either from a built-in function or from an explicit use of ‘error’. - Trace: 1. StakingPosition must update properly 2. PT5

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Yes, it’s a known bug that we’re working on fixing

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Thanks for the information!

Shouldn’t we halt the voting? The voting outcome won’t be representative.

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It’s not possible to halt voting. This is a decentralized protocol. Apart from a few bugs in the front end, the voting is working well.

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Vote should have been made in sequential order in order to be able to vote for all proposal.
You can’t vote for any previous proposals anymore but You should be able to vote for the ones next in order to your voted ones.