Initial Margin Ratio 150%

Given that now we are looking at possibility of raising MCR to 120%

Considering the other proposal of 250% might be making iAsset not as efficient.

We can look at a lowered initial margin ratio of 150%

CR<120% - liquidated
120<CR<150% - Unable to withdraw ADA or mint iAsset (deposit/burn mode only)
CR>150% Able to withdraw anything above 150% and mint iAsset and all normal actions.

This will have no impact on existing users and sought to limit abusive behaviours.



I feel like this is a solution looking for a problem - i dont think this added level if complexity is justified at this time.

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This is a complete over reach and Iā€™m against it.

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I dont like it. no need.

Absolutely against to this proposal. No need for this.