INDY Staking rewards

Hi all,

I have a CDP position and Staked Indy.
The CDP is generating rewards the staked Indy is not.

Is this because I didn’t vote on any proposal yet (no new proposals came by) or do I do something wrong? In the Portfolio/Rewards tab I only see claimable rewards from the CDP.

Hope someone has the answer, couldn’t find it in the papers.


Hi dude,

CDP do not generate rewards instead of staking $INDY.

Staking $INDY allows you to get rewarded in $ADA from liquidated CDP.

I usually get rewards from:

  • My iAssets, and
  • Staked Indy

But since I restaked it with a new wallet I need to wait till there is a proposal I can vote on.
All this time (already a few weeks) I am missing out on rewards…

Will I be able to claim all those forgone rewards as soon as I have voted on a proposal?
Or can I only claim rewards that will come available after the proposal voting?

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No. You can’t.

Yes, that’s the way it works.

Well then I hope there will be a proposal to vote on fast…
Been checking few times a day now for some time to see if there’s a new proposal.

Perhaps a proposal could be formed that while you wait on a proposal to vote on you’re rewards would be locked (for a x amount of time) until you vote?